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{{populace| photo=[[Image:Robin_istvan_elevation.jpg|300px]]| photocaption=Heralding Tanzos Istvan into court to be elevated| device=[[Image:Arms-robin.gif]]| status=Active| location = Canton of [[Gleann nam Feòrag Dhuibhe]] | devicecaption=Quarterly gules and Or, a fleur-de-lis sable within a bordure embattled counterchanged|awards={{Pelican}} {{OSC}} {{MChir}}|offices=}}
{{populace| photo=[[Image:Robin_istvan_elevation.jpg|300px]]| photocaption=Heralding Tanczos Istvan into court to be elevated| device=[[Image:Arms-robin.gif]]| status=Active| location = Canton of [[Gleann nam Feòrag Dhuibhe]] | devicecaption=Quarterly gules and Or, a fleur-de-lis sable within a bordure embattled counterchanged|awards={{Pelican}} {{OSC}} {{MChir}}|offices=}}
== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Robin istvan elevation.jpg
Heralding Tanczos Istvan into court to be elevated
Resides: Canton of Gleann nam Feòrag Dhuibhe
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Quarterly gules and Or, a fleur-de-lis sable within a bordure embattled counterchanged
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Pelican Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Mentor Chirurgeon


I am Master Robin Gallowglass, OP. My persona is a 16th century mercenary. I first joined the SCA in 1981 in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and my first event was "Field of Cloth of Gold" held in Waxahachie, Texas, south of Dallas, Texas.


I was active for a few years until I moved to Houston. In 1987 I joined the Army, and after tech school, I ended up in Germany, which is now the Kingdom of Drachenwald. At that time, it was only a Principality of the East Kingdom. One day at a unit gathering, I was walking along the road and saw elbows and hands that kept popping out from behind a cars trunk lid. These motions looked awful familiar to me, so I walked over, and sure enough, there was a fighter armoring up. Once again, I had found the SCA and starting going to events again.

I banged around the East Kingdom for a while, and in late 1999, a notice was printed in the Pikestaff (the Kingdom Newsletter) looking for a new Kingdom web minister. After thinking about it, I decided that I had griped about the Kingdom website enough that I couldn't pass this up, so I wrote to the Kingdom Chronicler and asked a few important questions. I was happy with the answers, and officially put in a letter of intent. At East Kingdom 12th Night in January of 2000, I knelt in front of Their Majesties Lucan and Marieke and swore to serve the Kingdom as it's new web minister. Working with wife Shannon, we quickly revamped the Kingdom web site to be easier to maintain and gave it a completely different look. I made the techie bits work, and Shannon made it look pretty. In July of 2001, Their Majesties Hans and Olivia caught up with Shannon and I, and made us both Companions of the Order of the Silver Crescent for our service over the years to the East Kingdom.

In September of 2001, I received a call from Mu'allim Rabah az-Zafir who was the Vice President of Communications for the SCA at the time. It seemed that he may need somebody to take over and maintain the main SCA website, and was I interested? I didn't have to even think! Of course I said yes! Then at Kingdom Crusades in early October, Master Kevin of Thornbury (who was the Electronic Publications Manager for the Society at the time) informed me that he had asked the Board of Directors to warrant me as his Emergency Deputy. At the October 2001 Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved Kevin's request to warrant me as his Emergency Deputy and then relieved him of his duties, making me the Acting Electronic Publications Manager! When I found this out, I promptly called my Emergency Deputy, Baron Ronan Lynceus, and told him "Tag, you're it!"

Even before the Board meeting, I had contacted a few people and put together a small group (Shannon, Master Lorcan Dracontius, Mistress Jessa d'Avondale and myself) to start working on a proposal for the creation of what would became known as Known World Mail. The proposal also listed various additional services that could be offered, and was submitted for the January 2002 Board Meeting, where it was approved. Because of the availability of "off the shelf" software, one of the additional projects, the On-Line Stock Clerk was the first project out the door, followed by Known World Mail and very shortly, On-Line Membership renewal and sign up. In April of 2002, the Board of Directors split the position of Electronic Publications Manager into two positions: Society Web Minister, to deal with the game-side (Policies, etc) and the Chief Information Architect, responsible for maintaining the main SCA Website and other projects such as the On-Line Stock Clerk, Known World Mail and On-line Memberships. THL Ducan MacAllister was appointed as the first Society Web Minister and I was appointed the first Chief Information Architect.

Early in 2003, because I was no longer "in the loop" on the policy side of things, I offered to help out Baron Ronan and be Deputy Kingdom Webminister, and in November of 2003, he applied for and got the Society Web Minister position. Which meant he got to call me and say "Tag, you're it!". So, once again, I became the East Kingdom Web Minister. My initial two year term (the second time around) was up in January of 2006, at which time I turned it over to Sir Gabriel of Maccusell and stayed on as his deputy during the transition.

On April 16, 2005, my term as the first Chief Information was completed and I turned the office over to Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin.

Activities and Interests

I am a Mentor Chirurgeon and herald and I dabble in woodworking. I am strongly interested in using the Internet and the World Wide Web to make SCA life easier. I make garb on occasion and enjoy strategy games. I'm a beginner at Viking wire weaving and at Pennsic XXXVII, I learned how to finger loop braid.


TRM Andreas and Gabriella induct me into the order

I was elevated at Mudthaw on March 29th, 2008 by TRM Andreas III and Gabriella. I was totally surprised and caught off guard. My Pelican, Mu'allim Rabah az-Zafir and his wife came up from Virginia, as did Mistress Olwyn ni Chinneidigh; Master Evan da Collaureo and his wife Lady Alys of Foxdale; Master Herveus d'Ormonde and his wife Mistress Megan O'Donnelly. Metressa Jadwiga Zajaczkowa cooked a wonderful "vigil board" and Lady Sara bas Mordechi made homemade chalah for me. Doña Estrella de los Confinos pulled a "Scotty" and makes me an absolutely wonderful Pelican cloak in under a month, if I remember correctly. Lady Alesia de Maris of Ravenstar made me a gorgeous banner and Mistress Kis Marika (called Mika) makes me a pillow with my arms on it!

SCA Dependents

Currently, I do not have any protégés. However, before I was elevated, I took Lord Corwyn Ravenwing on as a student. This has been as much a learning experience for me as it is has been for Corwyn. Recently, Lord Bran ap Reese accepted my offer and also became my student.

What am I doing now?