Reinert der Spinner

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Lord Reinert der Spinner
Resides: Shire of Eisental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Reinert Der Spinner 3.png
Argent a spider and on a chief sable, two compass stars argent
Award & Office Badges


Reinert der Spinner joined the SCA in July of 2016 at the event "EK Warcamp" as a Man at arms for the hand fasting of Lord Malys MacGregor & Lady Sophia Von Konstanz. They along with Baroness Ysabeau du St. Wandrielle & Baron Derek Fairhair introduced Reinert der Spinner to the SCA. After a year he was inducted into the household of "The Mountain Confederation". Reinert der Spinner takes part in Heavy List Combat, particularly favoring Pole Arm. In addition he involves himself in Bardic, specifically wordsmithing. Reinert der Spinner's mundane name is Daniel Reinert, and resides in Schuylkill County. When not involved in SCA events he enjoys Hunting, Fishing, Larping, tabletop gaming, and computer gaming.


16th c. German Landsknecht


Award of Arms, 08/25/2018

Offices & Positions

Deputy Seneschal, Shire of Eisental, 04/15/19 - Ongoing Deputy Webminister, Shire of Eisental, 06/19/19 - Ongoing

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Event Staff

  • Herald, Adventus In Eisental, 08/25/2018
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