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A house, or ship, of various nefarious ner-do-wells, in Settmour Swamp and beyond, gathered together from the NJ Ren Fair's Kingdom of Somerset, first appeared at Pennsic 23

Currently sailing their third vessel


Honors and Awards

  • Crowns Favor - writ of mark, privateering rights for the kingdom of Meridies bestowed by Basileius Sebastianos and Basileia Morgan sovereigns of the Laureled kingdom of Meridies

Acting Troupe

Originally formed by friends and colleagues from in and around The New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom, the Crew of the Ravenspittle brought small comedy shows to Pennsic. Chiefly used as a device to raid camps for Friendship and Alcohol, the shows were usually short pieces that traveled well based on either history, Great works of literature (like the 10 min Trojan War), or Shakespeare.

The Troupe has been revived several times over the years performing such classic pieces as Othello: Moor or Less, MacBeth: Special Edition, or the company specialty The 10 Minute Trojan War.

The Troupe last preformed at Pennsic XLVII and has every intention of rerturning

Notable Crew Members