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|opid = 9438
|opid = 9438
|device = [[Image:Ravennadewitte_device.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:Ravennadewitte_device.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Device Needed, Argent, two bars gules platy and in chief two ravens sable.
|devicecaption = Argent, two bars gules platy and in chief two ravens sable.
|badge = [[Image:Device needed.jpg|100px]]  
|badge = [[Image:Device needed.jpg|100px]]  
|badgecaption = Badge Needed
|badgecaption = Badge Needed

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Ravenna at Yule 2015
Resides: Shire of Buckland Cross
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Ravennadewitte device.jpg
Argent, two bars gules platy and in chief two ravens sable.

Device needed.jpg
Badge Needed
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Award of Arms
Seneschal Herald


Lady Ravenna DeWitte (Cynthia “Cindy” A. Marco) was born in Philadelphia, PA in the late 1960s. She grew up in North East Philadelphia, and attended Arch Bishop Ryan HS for Girls. One year after graduation she enlisted in the United States Air Force and attended Basic Training in 1988. She reported to Ramstein AB, GE in 1989 as an Audio Visual Media Specialist, and it was in Germany where she first became acquainted with the SCA. During the following three years she established her SCA persona, Ravenna, as a child of English and Dutch parents who orphaned her in Italy after they were killed during a theater performance gone tragically wrong. She was adopted by an Italian wine merchant and his wife, and lived a life of quiet comfort until the age of 18 when her wanderlust got the best of her and she left for foreign lands. She spent the next 20 years traveling in anonymity and solitude.

Upon retirement in 2008, Cindy lived in Prattville, Al, and the vicinity of Denver, Colorado. She returned to Philadelphia in 2010 and settled in to a retiree’s life. She was reintroduced to the SCA when she attended the Wrightstown Ren Faire and met the members of the Shire of Buckland Cross, and her persona once again found a home.

Ravenna hung around in the shadows for a bit then jumped into the world of service. Helping behind the scenes enabled her to witness the SCA from both sides, as a spectator and a participant, and it also led to her first experience with court heraldry. It was this experience that caused her to fall in love with voice heraldry, and some things heraldic. Due to this love, she became the Shire Herald in 2015. Aside from voice heraldry, she dabbled in fiber art, tried her hand at sewing, and also tried the wonderful art of making Temari balls, which was a dismal failure. After finding out that she was allergic to sewing machines, needles, thread, and most things related, she spent her time being the comic relief for the Shire, and welcoming and guiding new comers with open arms. It was this skill that saw her elected as Buckland Cross’s Seneschal in 2017, a position she still holds to this day. Ravenna was awarded Arms at Bhakail Yule, December 2015.


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Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Shire of Buckland Cross, January 2017 to present
  • Herald, Shire of Buckland Cross, December 2015 to December 2016

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