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Rachel of Rochester
Resides: Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per fess azure and argent, a moon in her complement argent and three martlets volant wings addorsed sable
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Lady Rachel of Rochester. In about 1990, I started attending SCA events with my mom, my one and only sibling and some friends from RI that introduced us to the SCA as something to keep smart active kids busy in fun creative ways. We enjoyed crafts, dancing and lots of window shopping at merchants at events in Malagentia and Bridge including and early Great Northeastern War on a goat farm in Alfred near where we lived. While attending University of Maine at Farmington, my sibling convinced a bunch of people from the table gaming club to come all the way down to an event at Brown University in RI, introducing Laurel of Devon and Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode to all kinds of classes like dancing and flirting with cloven fruit taught by Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham.

After a few years my sibling and I dabbled with playing in the early music band, The DisSonatas with Anne Meckil von Salm when they first were starting. (I claim to have introduced her with her first Pike Staff a few year earlier at work, but that can't be proven.) I then spent some time trying fencing with Maxton Gunn at the local college practices, but I think I enjoyed being with the people even more then the fencing.

When I moved to NH, I took a break for a while, but eventually reconnected with the local events in Stonemarche introducing Camran MacAuley to his first event as we started dating. He fell in love...with archery, and never looked back. When we weren't arching, we worked on our names and arms with Aine Callaghan and Harold von Auerbach in their home library. We have spent several years dancing together (including at are wedding), shooting at targets and traveling all over to events. Having two kids has slowed us down a little, but they've been raised on the archery fields and event halls as smart active kids staying busy through the years like I did when I first started all those years ago.


I should really come up with something to say about my persona, but to be honest I haven't really focused on that part yet.

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  • Currently working on the Barony of Stonemarche Quilt Project.

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