Poetry Month Challenge

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About the Poetry Month Challenge

  • The Poetry Month Challenge was a month long event held in April 2021 on Facebook. Each day a prompt was posted to the Unofficial East Kingdom group. Whomever felt inspired posted a poem as a comment. During this collaborative project there were 62 poet participants and more than 450 poems were written and shared. "Flowers" was the most popular prompt with 26 poems.

The Challenge

"Greetings East Kingdom! Did you know that April is Poetry Month? In honor of that, I wish to issue a challenge to try your hand at poetry this April. I’ll post a different prompt each day, and if you feel inclined, you can respond to the prompt with your poem. You do not have to write a poem every day to participate. You do not have to use the prompt. Write as inspiration strikes, and share if you feel comfortable. Perhaps you’ll write something that can be used in the Laurel Challenge and Exhibition. Maybe you’ll hone your skills in preparation for the upcoming Bardic War. I humbly suggest exploration of your persona through period-style poetry. I will be continuing my exploration of the Japanese tanka. What style of poetry do you like to write?"

Prompts and Poems

Clicking on the prompts below will open the Facebook post for that day. You do need a Facebook account and to be a member of the Unofficial EK Discussion Group to view these pages. Click on "comments" to view the poems.