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Jamie (left) and I (right) working at King Richards Faire, Carver,MA. Not SCA garb, but only current garb.
Resides: Southern NH. Barony of Stonemarche.
Status: Semi-Active to Inactive
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My first SCA event was a fencing day up at Fort Knox, ME, back in 2011, with a dear friend who is now an active member of the Shire of Panther Vale. Since then I have attended each Birka, with the last three-four years working as vending assistant to Caleb of Made By Hand Leather. I have many many friends (as we all do) within the SCA whom have made it another home.


Perrine de Lille is me if in the late 1400s to early 1500s in the north of France. Lille, France is roughly between Calais and Brussels and a touch south. My family hails from that region both Belgium on my father's side and Normandy from my mother's. Perrine knows little of her parents. It's assumed her father was a military man of unknown origin who didn't have the option, or desire, to stick around. The french renaissance had just started to bubble up and trade along the coast through to Paris and north was only ever growing. She found work at a young age mixing pigments and making paper, and later traveling from Bruges to Lille to Rouen doing inkwork for trade documents: promissory notes and bills of sale.

I had hoped to really flush out this persona and attire but found I hate wearing dresses! I'll be seeking help and information to create a French/Viking persona from much earlier on: 900s.

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Projects & Publications

  • Currently learning and working on scribal technique to assist in the making of blanks for awards, with the help of the Barony's Sribes!

In Case of Court

  • No info yet.