Pennsic Steward

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The Pennsic Steward is responsible for the inventory and maintenance of the goods and equipment used to set up the East Kingdom Royal Encampment at Pennsic. The Steward is also responsible for supervising the set-up and breakdown of the encampment in coordination with the Pennsic Major-Domo.

The current Pennsic Steward is Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick. She will be Steward for Pennsics 47 and 48, in 2018 and 2019.

The Steward is ably assisted by a crack staff of steely-eyed cohorts:

SERJEANT-PLUMBER: in charge of setting up the showers

SERJEANT-WARDER OF THE BARBICAN: in charge of erecting the gate tent

CASTELLAN: in charge of setting up the wind walls

SEWER OF THE ROYAL HALL: in charge of resetting up the large tent between functions

HARBINGER-MARTIAL: in charge of the battlefield tent

QUEEN’S GARDENER: in charge of the new Queen's Garden

PANTLER: in charge of the state kitchen

CAPTAIN UNDER-PANTLER: assistant to the Pantler


SACRISTAN: in charge of the Chapel Royal

CLERK-RECORDER: in charge of maintaining this wiki page (currently Baroness Nastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva, called Tasha)