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Ozurr and Fortune at the Opening Ceremonies of Pennsic 48. Photo by Tannis Baldwin
Sovereign: Ozurr the Boot-Giver
Consort: Fortune Sancte Keyne
East Kingdom Crown #: 103
Preceded by: Wilhelm and Vienna
Succeeded by: Queen Margarita


First unbelted victor in an Eastern Crown Tourney since Balfar von Grunwald in AS 29.

His Majesty Ozurr gained the epithet "Stormbringer" when, during the final bouts of Fall Crown Tourney in AS 53 (2018) the power was knocked out to site as a massive storm raged through the woods of Endewearde. It was further enforced when on His Majesty's 30th birthday at the Estrella War, the site was hit with once in a hundred year rain storms and flooding, causing Their Majesties and their retinue to leave site to take sanctuary at the local inn with a Red Roof. One is advised to bring sturdy and waterproof footwear any time Ozurr and his former knight Antonii "Rainbringer" Machinevik are together at an event.

November 3rd is known in the East Kingdom as Three Princes Day, marking the day Ôzurr won East Kingdom crown tourney, and his knight Antonii Machinevik was stepping down that day as Prince of the Mists, and also Antonii's knight Culann mac Cianain was Prince of Oertha.


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Thrown Weapons

  • His Majesty Ozurr was serving as Queen's champion of Heavy List through summer of AS 53 until Spring Coronation of AS 54. At Balfar's Challenge, the first Royal Progress event after Coronation, Her Majesty Fortune chose Duarcaín MacWard as her champion to fulfill this role until King's and Queen's Heavy List Champions in the summer of AS 54.


During the reign, I wrote several poems for (and inspired by) Her Majesty. At her request, I am publishing them here.
Lady Isabel del Okes, Barony of Carolingia

Coronation Poem

I come to thee,
Humble and bowed
A supplicant to your beauty
A pilgrim to your grace
Seeking only to be fortunate
To kneel before my Fortune

Thou art my queen
I pledge to thee
Your golden hair
Shall be my sun
Your sparkling eyes
My stars
Your smile
Shall be the Fortune I seek
And your laughter
My salvation

I pledge to thee
Not upon sword or chain
But upon my own heart
My own blood, my own soul
To honor beauty
To live truth
And to walk with grace
If Fortune would have it so.

Spring Poem
April 23 2019

New born Spring
Shows herself in every bud
In every flower
In every song
The Golden Sun parts the clouds
And melts the gray snow
See how each leaf
Each wren, each petal
Follows the Golden Sun
As she travels the land
Their winter weary hearts
Reveling in her warmth
She gifts to us her smile
Grand largesse spread to all
In Spring’s Kingdom
Our Fortune is the sun
Like the wren, we need never
Beg for her light
Though we are common as daisies
She, our Golden Sun, smiles
Upon us and bids us grow
Shine on, oh Radiant sun
Grant us the Glorious Fortune
Of your light
That we may, in this new season
Be born again

Summer Poem
June 11, 2019

Across the field of spring green grass
My fortunate heart does fly
To find its way to golden shores
And hear my true love’s cry

I know not how to find my way
When fortune turns aside
The path is dark without her light
And with me she’ll not abide

Would spring then turn to summer bright
When fortune hears my song
Will true love extend a graceful hand
And stay with me to sing along

When summer fades to harvest cold
When fortune looks away
Still I try to her favor to win
Until my dying day

Pennsic Poem
July 25, 2019

Upon the Tyger Throne, proud and true
Sits the Queen, art beyond the artist’s skill
Her hair blazes to shame the golden sun
Eyes the envy of the pale blue sky
Her lily white skin belies the summer
And brings snow to the heated day
On the field before her we stand
Her pride and honor in our hands
Sharper than the steel of our swords
We raise a song of praise to her
Our blades singing the deadly tune
An ode to Fortune in hopes of victory
In hopes of shining bright for our Queen
That our names be as water upon her lips
That our honor be as shade upon her head
That our memory be as wine upon her tongue
And that our pride be as honey upon her bread.

Fall Poem
September 7, 2019

When the leaves blush in the cold
And the geese cut through the sky
Wool wrapped tight against the wind
We stand in the gathering gloom
Awaiting the sunrise
We are fortunate in our Fortune
We are blessed by our Queen

She brings us light even in the darkness
She brings us warmth even in the chill
She is our sun, golden on her throne
She is our day, bright upon the field
We are fortunate in our Fortune
We are blessed by our Queen

Even when the leaves fall
There is no autumn when she smiles
Even when the wind blows
There is no cold when she laughs
Even when the days grow short
There is no dark in her kingdom of summer
We are fortunate in our Fortune
We are blessed by our Queen

Though we know there is an end
That the songs always cease
We fear not the coming of the night
Nor when the silence falls
For in the garden of roses
She will bloom forever
A star to guide us when light fades
We are fortunate in our Fortune
We are blessed by our Queen.


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