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Syr Osgkar, KSCA
Resides: Riding of Ravensbridge
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Osgkar of the Wood arms.gif
Gules a stag springing Argent in honor point sinister a decrecent Or all within a bodure Ermine
Award & Office Badges
Chivalry Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant Queen's Order of Courtesy Companion of the Order of the Pelican CourtBarony
Knight Marshal


Started in the SCA around 1984 in Drachenwald. First event was Visby - I highly recommend going if you get a chance. I became a member of the Principality Company of Sojourners (Drachenwald) upon my return to the USA while still in the Air Force. I then became active in the Barony of Stonemarche (NH) and earned my AoA. I became Squired to Earl Sir Aelfwine during that time. I later became apprenticed to Shadowmaker and lived in Barony of Carillion (NJ) for a while. After getting married in 1995, I moved to the Barony of Dragonship Haven (CT). Around this time I returned my Squires belt to Earl Sir Aelfwine due to the physical distance separating us. Since then I earned my Yale for service and became Squired to Duke Master Balfar von Grunwald, I was selected for the Unbelted Champions Team as an alternate in 2000 and a fighter in 2001, 2002, 2003, & 2004. I received my OTC at Kingdom Crusades in 2002 and earned a Valiant Tyger at Pennsic XXXII (2003) for killing King Pieter of the Middle during the woods battle. On 1/8/05 I was inducted into the Order of the Chivalry and choose to become a Knight.


The Heritage of Osgkar by Jana Brooks

It begins in the beginning, as all things do, when our good King Akbar claimed these Eastern Lands and became our king and first Duke. He served well, with strength and wisdom and did forever place himself in the halls of memory as Knight and King and Count and Duke. His word fame spread amongst the populace and warriors from every corner of the Realm sought him out. They beg that he train them and teach them. They wanted to learn all that he knew of the arts of war, and service. His Grace looked about him at the young and hopeful and saw his destiny change from combatant and ruler to trainer and teacher. He agreed to take on this role as mentor and in doing so took squires. One such young squire was known as Siegfred. With natural speed and strength he flourished quickly under Akbar's training. Driven by will and desire he fought all who stood before him, spreading his own word fame to the far reaches of the East and beyond. In time he claimed his right as King and earned his own chapter in our halls of memory as Knight and King and Count and Duke. But his grace was not alone, for he founded the great Haus Von Halstern and within that house he had a brother. And his name was Feral. Feral Von Halstern's gifts proved to be, not only in single combat, but that of melee and war. He learned all that his brother had to teach him and improved upon these skills through trial and error. Taking what he had learned, he traveled to the cold North and created his household known as Haus Silver Dragon. There, he established himself as Warlord, commander and strategist. He, a founder of the Great Northern Army, led many successful campaigns for the East. Obtaining the rank of Master-at-Arms, he took many squires and dedicated himself to their development. So successful was Feral's teachings, that he became known as Kingmaker, for his squires went on to become Knights, Viscounts, Counts, Dukes, Princes and Kings and to create their own great tales of word fame. One such squire was known as Balfar. Balfar was strong of limb and eager in training. He followed quickly in the footsteps of those before him and sought to test his metal. He stepped into the Crown list a squire and stepped out as royalty. The kingdom was his to command and with the fair Luna at his side, he became a King and a Count, a Master-at-Arms and a Duke. Balfar carried on in the tradition of his line and became a worthy commander and Warlord. He created his own household and called it Haus Von Grunvald. He turned his attention to training and took on the responsibility of squires. One of Balfar's squires was Osgkar of the Wood.

Osgkar of the Wood. Brave, and true. Sired by a line rich in history and glory. Tested in battle and proven loyal to our Eastern Kingdom. A faithful companion, generous with his time and service.

Osgkar, known as Baron, stand forth and make ready.

Let it be known that on this 15th day of January, in our fair Barony of Dragonship Haven, do we, Thorvald Halvorson & Svava Thorgiersdottir King and Queen of the East, do, set you forth on the path of your ancestors. We further your word fame, by bestowing upon you the accolade of chivalry. This mark of rank and title is given with full recognition and happy tidings.

Let this not be the end of our story, but the beginning of a new chapter. Go forth Sir Osgkar of the Wood and continue your heritage as a Knight of the East Kingdom and the known world.

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