Ose Silverhair

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Ose Silverhair joined the SCA in 2009, after attending Bjorn's Celidh the previous fall. While dancing was, and still is one of the activities she regularly participates in, she quickly discovered that drop spinning is her true passion. Nalbinding is her favorite way to use up all the thread she spins.


Ose Silverhair is a late 10th century Dane, residing in the river town of Ribe. You will rarely find her without a drop spindle in hand, even when searching the beach for amber after a winter storm.


  • Apprentice to Mistress Brid nic Shearlais
  • Household - Dione Sidhe

Offices & Positions

Barionial Clerk - 12/2009 to present


  • Baronial A&S Champion - 05/27/2012
  • Order of the Sapphire - 08/2011
  • Winner, Pent Central - 04/2011
  • Order of the Maunche - 01/2011
  • Winner, Northern Lights - non-woven textiles category - 12/2010

Event Staff

  • Sub-autocrat for Family Activities - War of the Roses - 05/25-28/2012
  • Autocrat - Crystal Snowflake Ball - 04/28/2012

Projects & Publications

Drop Spinning Study - 04/2011

More Information

I enjoy passing on my passion for textile arts through teaching. I have taught at Baronial and Shire A&S nights, Feast of the Hunter's Moon, War of the Roses, Hrim Schola, and Pennsic.

More information on my projects and activities can be found here: www.osesilverhair.blogspot.com