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Order of the Rose
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The Order of the Rose was founded at Twelfth Night, AS II (January 6, 1968) by [King] William the Silent and Queen Sheryl of Thespis* to honor those who had been Queen or who had been the lady to a fighter who had won one of the first tourneys when there were no queens. Today, this Order exists throughout the Known World.

This award was created to grant those who had reigned as Queen of Love and Beauty (and later, simply as Queen) to give them equal rank with those who had reigned as King (who were, in the early days, automatically Knights if they weren't before they won the tournament). Historical Note: In the very early days of the SCA, if a fighter was not a Knight and they won the Crown Tournament, they were offered Knighthood. The Order of the Rose was created to give an equivalent title, as Countess (and Duchess) did not exist at the time.

When a former Queen is recognized as a Countess, they are usually also admitted to the Order of the Rose. In the east Kingdom, it is a polling order. Former Queens are polled by the current Princess to seek advice on whether the outgoing Queen should be admitted into the Order.

Note that members of the Order of the Rose are equivalent in rank to the members of the Orders of Chivalry, the Laurel and the Pelican. However, most people do not think of the Order of the Rose as a peerage level award, as the recipient is also becoming a Countess at the same time, which outranks the other non-royal peerages, as the title is that of a Royal Peer (and the Countess title carries the Patent of Arms, which the Order of the Rose sometimes does not ...).

  • Today, the founder of the Order is known as Countess Amina Sherana de Talavera. She lives in the Barony of Altavia and is married to Viscount Sir Morven of Carrick, who was Caid's 5th Prince.

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