Ogawa no Ryugoro Uchiharu

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Awards: Order of Precedence
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Award & Office Badges


Lord Ogawa no Ryugoro Uchiharu

When using the full name the "no" is not said, it is only written.

The family name is Ogawa and that is how he prefers to be addressed.

Pronounced oh-g-ah-w-ah


Japan, Heian Era More to come!

Offices & Positions

Official Titles None

Unofficial Titles Many but most are not appropriate for minors, faint of heart, or anyone easily offended.

Event Staff

I help where I can at every event I go to. I never volunteer before hand and never take on titles.

Projects & Publications

    • To be listed**

In Case of Court

I don't do court. If absolutely necessary consult with my lovely wife,Sugawara no Naeme.

More Information

I'm me!