Nuala MacKensie

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Serious business.
Resides: Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure estencele, three owls close argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsLamp of ApolloTroubadourIron E
Fencing Marshal


Nuala MacKensie joined the SCA in 2014 and has fallen in love with the organization. She enjoys participating in crafting of various kinds, thrown weapons, is a fencing marshal, and looks forward to being part of further martial arts teams within the group. Nuala and her husband hold a weekly "SCA Night" at their family farm in Londonderry, NH and hope to expand it as further facilities are built. Her name and device are currently going through the vetting process. For more information about her SCA night please keep an eye on the Stonemarche Facebook group; it is announced weekly!

She won Stonemarche's "Golden Tongue" competition at Palio 2014.

Nuala MacKensie learned to spell her name in 2017. Oh, she also became Lady Nuala MacKensie at kingdom court during GNEW 32 (huzzah!)


Nuala is an Irish woman from the 8th century, AD, or thereabouts--don't ask her, she doesn't know. She's still figuring things out. Maybe she got hit in the head a few times.

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy MiT fencing (Birka, 2019)
  • Fencing Marshal (Birka, 2018)
  • Captain of Fence, Barony of Stonemarche (mid-2018--)


  • AoA, GNEW XXXII (2017)
  • Order of the Lamp of Apollo, Barony of Stonemarche (2017)

Event Staff

  • Deputy Autocrat, Harper's Retreat 2016

Projects & Publications

  • Under the Maple Tree [1]

In Case of Court

        • I am fine with receiving awards digitally until we can all meet again***
  • Please contact Ronan O'Faelan.
  • Please have me before the court early in the court as I may not be able to stay through the whole thing due to physical disability.
  • Please be gentle with me--I have a joint disorder that means I can be injured rather easily.
  • I have severe anxiety. If I act awkward or don't look like I know what to do, feel free to give me direction, but be patient with me if I am a bit unsure.

For Scribes

Nuala is not picky about scroll artwork, though owls are her thing, and she loves Celtic knotwork. However, she views scrolls as unique gifts, and adores every moment of work that goes into any one she receives.

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