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The Novitius Gladio

The Novitius Gladio is a wooden gladius engraved with "Novitius Gladio" on one side of the blade. It is the sword of the novice, translated directly to "with a new sword."
To acquire the Novitius Gladio, one must participate in and be the victor in the East Kingdom Novice Day tournament held annually.


The gladius was modified in AS XLIX (2014) by Sir Culann mac Cianain to hold the lineage of all who have held on to the sword until the next Novice Day tournament. All who have won the EK Novice Tournament are engraved on the other side of the blade, with the first name inscribed as Gunnar Alfson. Sir Arne Ulrichson was the scribe of Gunnar's name in memoriam.

Gunnar Alfson holding the Novitius Gladio

During the year that Antonius Gracchus held the Gladio, he created a sheath inspired by a Roman legionnaire gladio sheath with a viewing opening. The metal adornments are solid brass, chased by hand tools, and does not use any glue or adhesive, instead relying on wire twisting and decorations to mount onto the sheath. This was completed on AS July 8th, LVIII (2023)

Novice Day

From the words of Tanaka Raiko

"The [Novice Day] event started as a celebration of the Novices in the SCA. The first one was a humble procession of fighters and their consorts to show us who they are and what it means to fight for something more than just yourself. It was a joyous, really joyous affair. Gunnar Alfson won the inaugural tourney. He was taken from us too soon. So in his honor we named the tourney after him."

Lineage of Bearers


Name Date
Gunnar Alfson XLIX (2014)
Sir Arne Ulrichson L
Baron Lawrence Vaughan LI
His Excellency Sir Pádraig Ó Brádaigh known as Samson LII
Lord Cassian Arminious LIII
Lord Michal Bialy LIV
Lord Hrút Mac Cianain LV
Lord Saʽid al-Nasir LVII
Lord Antonius Gracchus known as Twyg LVIII

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