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Shire of Northern Outpost
Per chevron sable and argent, three piles throughout counterchanged, the center one debruised in base by a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: December 1981
Location: St. Lawrence and Franklin counties, NY

Overview of the Shire of the Northern Outpost

Location: The Shire of the Northern Outpost is based out of Potsdam, NY. Their membership includes community members from St. Lawrence County & Franklin County plus students from the surrounding colleges. In the Knowne World, they are located on the western end of Northern Region in the East Kingdom. They are bordered by the Kingdom of Æthelmearc to the southwest and the Kingdom of Ealdormere to the north/northwest.


  • At the time Northern Outpost was created, it was the Northernmost shire in the East Kingdom.
  • The Shire's blazon represents the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. To keep within heraldic rules, black and white were used instead of a multi-colored design.

Established: December 1981

Blazon: Per chevron sable and argent, three piles throughout counterchanged, the center one debruised in base by a laurel wreath vert.

Heraldic officer's title: Aurora Pursuivant

Newsletter: Northern Illuminations

Annual Events

  • former: Winter War (February)
  • Fall Frolic (September)

Shire Champions

Current Champions: Fall 2014

  • Ours du Nord (Heavy Fighting Champion): Sir Rhys Ravenscroft (won 9/13/2014)
  • Gardien du Nord (Fencing Champion): Lord Jeremiah (won 10/28/2014)
  • Phare du Nord (Arts & Sciences Champion): Lady Dalla Olafskona (won 9/13/2014)


  • Ours du Nord (Heavy Fighting): tournament fought annually at Fall Frolic (previously every 6 months):
    • (The current Champion may NOT compete in the tournament? - under discussion)
    • The current Champion decides the format of the tourney.
    • Entrants must live within the shire boundaries.
  • Gardien du Nord (Fencing): tournament fought annually at Fall Frolic:
    • The current Champion may compete in the tournament.
    • The current Champion decides the format of the tourney.
    • Entrants must live within the shire boundaries.
  • Phare du Nord (Arts & Sciences): competition held annually at Fall Frolic (formerly at Winter War), decided by populace vote:
    • Entries must be completed (although not necessarily started) within the past year (since the last Shire Championship).
    • Entries may have been, or may be, entered in other competitions.
    • Entrant may enter up to five separate entries.
    • NO brewing entries. The site is dry.
    • Entrant must live within the shire boundaries.
    • As possible, entries should be anonymously submitted to help discourage voter bias.
    • Documentation on entries is encouraged, not required.
    • To participate, contact the MOAS by the Tuesday before the competition and fill out an entry form.

History of Shire Champions

Ours du Nord (Heavy Fighting Champion)

  • Sir Rhys Ravenscroft (won 9/13/2014)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 9/21/2013)
  • Sir Rhys Ravenscroft (won 9/15/2012)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 9/10/2011)
  • Ger (won 4/13/2010)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 11/10/09)
  • Lord Olaf Haraldsson (won 5/09)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 11/11/08)
  • Stig (won 5/08)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 10/23/07)
  • Tiberius Nautius Maximus (won 4/24/07)
  • Lord Ian MacDonald (won 10/24/06)--first Ours du Nord

Gardien du Nord (Fencing Champion)

  • Lord Jeremiah (won 10/28/2014)
  • no championship tourney was held in 2013
  • Jeremiah (won 9/15/2012)
  • Jeremiah (won 9/10/2011)
  • Ger (won 4/13/2010)
  • Lord Olaf Haraldsson (won 5/09)
  • Ger (won 3/11/08)--first Gardien du Nord

Phare du Nord (Arts & Sciences Champion)

  • Lady Dalla Olafskona (won 9/13/2014) - wool naalbound socks
  • Lord Christophe de Frisselle (won 9/21/2013) - apple cider
  • Lord Olaf Haraldsson (won 2/25/2012) - runestone carving
  • Thera Marta (won 2/26/2011) - celtic embroidery
  • Lord Olaf Haraldsson (won 2/27/2010) - wood carving
  • Lord Olaf Haraldsson (won 2/28/09) - horn carving
  • Jeremy Cota (won 2/23/08) - home smoked bacon
  • Lady Moira MacDonald of Dunskahay (won 2/07)--first Phare du Nord - fine metalwork

Shire Archery Champion

  • Lord Olaf Haraldson (won 9/13/2014)
  • Jeremiah (won 9/21/2013)

Retired Shire Awards

  • Profane Proponent of the Purple Platypus (PPPP) (Heavy Fighting, awarded annually at Fall Frolic)
  • Order of the Aurora Borealis (Arts & Sciences, required teaching what you knew)
  • Order of the Embattled Aardvark (Service)
  • Wandering Wombat (out-of-shire individuals who distinguished themselves through service to the shire, they were considered honorary shire members)

History of Winter War Autocrats

  • 2012/13 - XVI - Olaf
  • 2011/12 - Winter War XV - Olaf
  • 2010/11 - XIV - Olaf
  • 2009/10 - XIII - Olaf
  • 2008/09 - XII - Olaf
  • 2007/08 - XI - Olaf
  • 2006/07 - Winter War X - Olaf
  • 2005/06 - IX - Brenna
  • 2004/05 - VIII - Olaf
  • 2003/04 - VII - Olaf
  • 2002/03 - VI - Olaf
  • 2001/02 - V - Olaf
  • 2000/01 - IV - Bertrand
  • 1999/00 - III - Bertrand & Skya

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