Nagashima Ichiro Ujimichi

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Resides: Canton of Lions End, Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Purpure, three fans Or marked purpure in pall inverted two handles to center within an annulet Or
Award & Office Badges
Østgärðr Seahorse.png Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Award of Arms


Nagashima Ichirō Ujimichi (長島 一路 宇治道)

I was born on the island of Nagashima in what is now mundanely Izumi District, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan in 1467 (Muromachi Period). My father was a samurai who died in the Ōnin War while fighting for Yamana Mochitoyo.


While I possess warrior training, my proficiency shines in the realm of gentler arts. My focus has been on honing my skills in cooking and brewing. I have also spent time indulging in archery, gaming, garb making, kumihimo, and singing. Over the past few years, I've dedicated myself as an officer in Østgarðr.

Offices & Positions

  • Seneschal, Lions End, 07/20/2018 to 12/31/2021
  • Seneschal, Ostgardr, 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2023
  • Webminister, Lions End, 01/01/2024 to present

Event Staff

For cooking staff check cooking section below.

  • Event Steward, Lions End Farmingdale Demo A.S. LIV, 6/8/2019
  • Set up and equipment transport, Coronation of Ryouko'jin Of-The Iron-Skies and Indrakshi Aani Aravinda A.S. LVI, 04/09/2022
  • Class Coordinator, Deck the Halls of Valhalla A.S. LVII, 1/14/2023
  • Class Coordinator, Lions End Schola A.S. LVIII, 5/20/2023
  • Equipment transport, Barleycorn A.S.LVIII, 9/1/2023
  • Equipment transport, Goat's Inn A.S. LVIII, 10/21-10/22/2023
  • Event Steward, Lions End Schola A.S. LVIX, 5/18/2024


Within the SCA, I started work at The Bread Boule at Pennsic XXVI in A.S. XXXII (1997) and had worked there for about four years. I served as kitchen manager for the Caravanserai at Pennsic, which included scheduling staff for each meal. You can find my food blog here.

  • Head Cook, Incipient Canton of Broken Bridge First Feast A.S. XXXIII, circa 1998
  • Cook, The Feast of John Barleycorn A.S. XXXVII, 9/6/2003
  • Cook, Runnymede Baronial Dinner - Pennsic War XL A.S. XLVII, 8/2011
  • Head Cook for Dayboard & Feast, The Feast of John Barleycorn - Viceregal Investiture A.S. L, 9/10/2016
  • Head Cook, Blood and Axes A.S. LI, 6/3/2017
  • Cook, An Dubhaigeainn / Ostgardr Challenge A.S. LII, 5/12/2018
  • Cook, Arrows, Axes, & Ales A.S. LIII, 9/16/2018
  • Cook, Goat's Tavern A.S. LIII, 10/20/2018
  • Cook, St. Andrews A.S. LIII, 11/10/2018
  • Dayboard Cook, Coronation of Ôzurr and Fortune A.S. LIV, 4/6/2019
  • Cook, A Day of the Decameron. LIV, 4/27/2019
  • Cook, Return of the Lions A.S. LIV, 5/4/2019
  • Head Cook, Blood and Axes A.S. LIV, 6/29/2019
  • Cook, Runnymede Baronial Dinner - Pennsic War XLVIII A.S. LIV, 8/5/2019
  • Cook, St. Andrews A.S. LVI, 11/13/2021
  • Sustenance Provider, Banner Painting Workshop A.S. LVI, 3/20/2022
  • Sous Chef, Coronation of Ryouko'jin Of-The Iron-Skies and Indrakshi Aani Aravinda A.S. LVI, 4/9/2022
  • Head Cook for Sunday Dayboard, The Feast of John Barleycorn - Viceregal Investiture A.S. LVII, 9/4/2022
  • Vigil Cook, 100 Minutes War - Suuder Saran's Elevation to Pelican A.S. LVII, 11/19/2022
  • Cook, East Kingdom Brewer's Collegium A.S. LVIII, 4/15/2023
  • Cook, The Feast of John Barleycorn A.S. LVIII, 9/2/2023
  • Head Cook Dayboard, Feast, & Breakfast, Goat's Inn A.S. LVIII, 10/21-10/22/2023

If you need a cook for an upcoming event in the area, please contact me through Facebook or through e-mail.


My interest in making tasty alcoholic beverages started before I joined the SCA. Having gone to New York Renaissance Faire a few times with friends, I tried mead and liked it enough to try making it myself.

I won my first brewing competition at Lions In Winter A.S. XXXII (1997), with a Smoky Mead. Yes, you read that correctly. The mead was aged in charred wooden milk jugs from Nepal.

I have run a few workshops over the years, and have done mead, cordials, and even made sake once. I am a member of Gratuitous Lily Guild.

You can find my brewing blog here.

If I haven't done a brewing workshop in the area for a while or you are interested in me doing one, please contact me through Facebook or through e-mail.

Workshops, Projects & Publications

  • Brewing Workshop, Lions End, circa 2005
  • Cordial Worshop, Broken Bridge, 9/19/2009
  • Fall Brew-Haha!, Lions End, 11/10/2013
  • Barleycorn Test Feast, Lions End, 6/25/2016
  • Kimchi Workshop, Lions End, 10/6/2018
  • Article "Return of the Cloved Fruit", Lions End newsletter - Thereby Hangs a Tale 1/2020
  • Unofficially helping create/edit, EK wiki pages, 10/2020-present

Award Scrolls Received

Companion of the Seahorse Companion of the Silver Wheel

Household Affiliations

  • Familia Electis (current)
  • Wyrmwood
  • House Raven's Moon

In Case of Court

Surprise me. Please contact Jenna Childersley, Iola Wulfsdotter & Sam Shaw.