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Hunter's Picnic 2018
Resides: Shire of Caer Adamant
Status: Scoundrel
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Three Green Moths Encircling A Flame On Black And Gold Field
Award & Office Badges


Motte Nachfalter is a legendary creature, if she is to be believed. Dubbing herself a "Time Viking" she takes anachronism literally and figuratively so long as she can make a clean get away. An irreverent liar, she can take a nap anywhere (and generally does). Please don't wake her (unless she happens to be in the way). She is very fond of hats (so you can also wake her for hats). Motte is a member of the Shire of Caer Adamant in the Southern Region of the Kingdom of the East.

Motte is a regular attendee for Caer Adamant's Heavy Fighter practice. She is adept at holding a sword and shield and sometimes using them.


Motte (purportedly) hails from Irgendwo and the early 10th century. Though she claims (at points) to be an orphan of no particular station or craft, she can be found in the company of two men who claim she is their little sister. Magnus Wolfhunte and Gunnbjorn Olafson endure her fibs and fables heroically. She is generally on her way to Irgendein Platz and travels between there and Irgendwo regularly. She claims to have saved her village's buckwheat field from a swarm of locusts with a wet burlap sack. Motte is fond of animals and will assist in the care and handling of most creatures, including children. At Events she can be found helping out where helping out is needed, taking a nap, or weaving the same basket she had the last time you saw her. No, it isn't finished yet.

Recently, Motte claims she won herself a mercenary playing dice. While this may be a fabrication, Gunainm Faol is now often in her company.

Offices & Positions

Chief Nuisance Maker, 803 AD to Current

Downward Facing Dog, About 3 minutes

Child-Safe Joke Teller, Undefeated

Deputy Knight Marshal (Shire of Caer Adamant), 2018-present

Deputy Exchequer (Shire of Caer Adamant), 2020-2021

Exchequer (Shire of Caer Adamant), 2021-present

Squire ( Tanaka Raiko ), June 2022-present

Knight Marshal (Barony of Bhakail) 2022-present

Awards & Stuff, I Guess

Award of Arms - January 13th, A.S. 52

Best Death (Rattan, Tournament of the Fallen Stag, Caer Adamant) - October 18th, A.S. 53

Gallery/Populace Choice (Rattan, Benedicta Vita Arma blessed the life in harness, Caer Adamant) September 28th, A.S. 54

Most Courageous (Rattan, Tournament of the Fallen Stag, Caer Adamant) - September 29th, A.S. 54

Populace Chamption-at-Arms of Bhakail (Rattan, Bhakail Commons, Barony of Bhakail) -August (?), A.S. 56

Order of the Silver Tyger (The Earl Horic Memorial Sovereign and Consort’s Championship of Arms, Shire of Eisental) -June 4th, A.S. 57

Baronial Champion-at-Arms of Bhakail (Rattan, Harts & Horns, Hartshorndale) October 9th, A.S. 57

Event Staff

Basket Weaver/Drunk Knight Sitter, Bhakail Yule, Barony of Bhakail, 2016

Nap Taker/Joke Teller, Roman Schola, Caer Adamant, 2017

Kitchen Help/Wine Sipper, Bhakail Investiture and K&Q Rattan Champions, Barony of Bhakail, 2017

Twining Teacher/Kitchen Help, String Thynge, Caer Adamant 2018

Site Coordinator/Cheese Stealer, Hunter's Picnic, Caer Adamant, 2018

Site Coordinator/Pumpkin Stabber, Bardic Banshee, Caer Adament, 2018

Feast Server/Sauce Pot, Bhkail Yule, Barony of Bhakail 2018

Lost & Found Constable/Unrequested Sound Effects, Crown Tourney of Ozur and Fortune, Caer Adamant, 2019

Does Some Things

- Heavy list (Authorized 2017)

- Garb making

- Disastrous Brewing (classified)

- Jams Jockey, Marmalade Mugger, and Jelly Purveyor

In Case of Court

If carrier pigeon is unavailable, please notify one of the following so they can conspire accordingly:

- Alexi Gensel

- Shoshana Gryffyth

- Hallbjorn Tryggvason

- Aoife inghean Donnchaidh

- Gunainm Faol

More Information

Why do bees always have sticky hair?

Because they use honeycombs.

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Why must watermelons always have fancy weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.

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What do you call a cow with a twitch?

Beef jerky.

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Why can't a bicycle stand up on it's own?

It's two-tired.