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Josh with two of his like-minded T-Rex wearers. They just don't have kilts

The Legend of the Kilted Filker grows...
Resides: Barony of Iron Bog
Status: Active at both Baronial and Kingdom levels. Working on getting authorized for Siege / Combat Archery and possibly becoming a Siege Marshall.
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Per Pall inverted dark red ancient red navy blue a Endorse navy blue in First Quarter a Quill Pen bendwise bisque shewn lower lower in First Quarter a Quill Pen bendwise sinister reversed bisque shewn lower lower in Second Quarter a cogwheel bisque shewn lower lower in base a cock bisque shewn much larger larger higher a fillet bordure navy blue

(Using the "Tartan" color palette from

Award & Office Badges


I am Montgomery Josh, the Kilted Filker. Also known as "Josh the Hilariously Awesome". After attending Pennsic 49 I think I have found my place within the SCA developing Siege Weapons and joining Combat Archery, writing Scrolls and other works, and injecting a sense of fun and energy such as walking around in a kilted TRex costume in the middle of the Pennsic heat. Likely also developing a dinosaur-based event for the children at future Pennsics. If you see me at an event or on social media, please feel free to stop by and say hello. I enjoy meeting people and hearing about your persona and work in the SCA. Or your work outside of the SCA. Or, well, anything really as I am way too old and not a masochist enough to learn to swing rattan. I'm more of a sadist and would rather bring the rain from afar, until I give in to Peer pressure and try out Rapier. Then again, I'm more the type to stand back and heckle Squire Pyle. Or fanboy watching a blacksmith work his or her magic. Even if she can't make me a suit of armor in a new forging process overnight.


My persona is "me" in a different time and place: who I might be if I lived in Period. For me, my SCA persona is an extension of myself and not an escape into another person. My journey is to discover how I might have lived centuries ago. Most of all, lucky to have not been cast into the Iron Maiden or lava pit for the blasphemy that comes from my mouth because at-home latte makers haven't been invented yet and no way would I survive having to milk a cow before coffee in the first place.

So if I am going to be me... as they say, the great engineers were Scottish thus I am taking on the persona of a late 16th century Scottish engineer, bardic wordsmith, stand-up philosopher, and generic pain-in-the-ass. I am choosing this time period for a simple reason. One of my first events was "Yule" in Dec, 2021. There I met a man in a Great Kilt, and above all of the other wonderful garb I had seen I thought it was the most beautiful look I had seen to date. It felt like "me". The name Montgomery Josh is a tribute to a great Scottish Engineer (who just happens to not be born yet): you may also call my Joshy or simply Mister Josh. Just never call me late to morning coffee.

In period, I am a private engineer from the Highlands that creates devices and equipment for civilian and military applications. I do not necessarily still live in Scotland but dress in kilts when I can. My name may be a tribute to a fictional naval engineer and miracle worker but I am not a military officer. Just a loyal Highlander. Within the SCA this matches my desire to be involved in siege weapons, work on improvements to combat archery equipment, and/or improve any other martial equipment and tooling. Plus as an educated man with a zest for life, do wordsmithing for scrolls, writing for barony / kingdom needs, and planning fun events whether I am in a Dinosaur costume or not.


Offices & Positions

  • Tamer of the Fourth Tyger, holder of the Sacred Chair and Whip of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Cumberland.

Event Staff

None yet, however as a member of Iron Bog I assume I will be supporting every event we host whether it be during planning or staffing the day of the event in whatever role is needed. One does not simply tame the Fourth Tyger of the East with a pretty smile and loose fitting kilt. Even if one calls her Sasquatch.

- 2022 Iron Bog Baronial R&R Championship: Worker Bee, List Runner

Projects & Publications

Montgomery Josh Bardic Portfolio

SCA Projects where I learned new skills and period design:

  • Multiple early-style walking kilts designed and made for Pennsic: easy to put on and off, sewn in knife pleats, simple and cheap to make in case it gets ruined in the elements. Designed to be made by someone in an evening using a home sewing machine.
  • 28" x 34" end-grain throwing target for knives and axes made from 4x4's with a 2x6 frame.
  • [In-Progress] a SCA-compliant Roman Ballista using older plans, updating the design to use more period elements and fill in gaps in the plans. After making this prototype, will document lessons learned and will make a second using improvements learned from the first.


  • Siege Weapons, from an A&S point of view to research and improve the design for target shooting (I'd love to see Ballistas and Arbalists used like giant crossbows in Archery competitions)
  • Siege Weapons, from a tactical point of view using them at Pennsic and other wars
  • Bardic Arts, wordsmithing and writing
  • Dinosaur-based events for the children of the known world
  • Making bets if my wording can get the Herald or the Royalty to break character while reading the scroll
  • Filking, whether through words or personas. You do NOT want me to sing. Ever. For any reason. It won't end well.
  • Kilting and period dress, whatever period I might wear for that day
  • Cursing in Scottish because yet again I didn't sew in "cheat pleats" to my kilt and eff me I'm too old to be rolling around on the cold Pennsic ground this early in the g-ddamn morning just to get dressed
  • Lobbying the royalty to make modern kilts be period, at least an early walking kilt
  • My morning latte or coffee or whatever caffeine potions exist
  • Telling someone to "Hold my latte" right before I embarrass them
  • Heckling combatants
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants within the SCA to learn their trade, from garb to blacksmithing

In Case of Court

Please contact Katherine Barr of Cumberland as she can work her Jedi-zen voodoo magic to make sure I'm where I need to be and still in proper garb.

To any scribes or wordsmiths stalking my profile: As a scribal wordsmith I appreciate the task ahead of you. I see how much time my scribe spends trying to find exemplars that match a persona's time and country. In my case, I am honored enough to be considered for an award. Please do not feel limited to something historically accurate to Scotland in the 1590's. I'd rather see your creativity and artistry in matching a scroll to me, whether it is historically accurate to an exemplar or not.

More Information

If you are still reading my wiki, you need some serious help. If our Anachronism included the future (when there would be technology like phones and digital watches), I'd leave a few numbers to call. Since the only remedy available in our time is fermented, I suggest you try the Strawberry Surprise at Pennsic.