Michal Bialy

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Shield Michal Image.jpeg
Michal fighting at 100 Minutes War
Resides: Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Michal Heraldry.jpeg
Blazon wanted
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant


Started with SCA fighting with the Company of the Iron Tide, first event was Birka 2018

Michal Bialy Crown Photo.jpeg


He is a late 16th century Polish Hussar persona

Name Pronunciation: MEE-how BEE-AH-WAY

In Case of Court

How you would like to be notified in case of court: Please send an email to Sir Matthias Grunewald, surprises welcome!

More Information

Member of the Company of the Iron Tide

Winner of Golden Sword 2018, Barony of Stonemarch

Baronial Champion of Bergental 2018-2019

Winner of 6th Novice Day Heavy Tournament 2019

Winning Captain of Hundred Minutes War 2019

Baronial Champion of Beyond_the_Mountain 2022

Bestowed the Shield of Chivalry by Ioannes II and Honig II at their Crown Tournament on 11/6/2021

Admitted to the Order of the Silver Tyger at Pennsic War by Ozurr and Fortune

Admitted to the Order of the Tygers Combatant at War of the Roses at 5/29/200 by Ryouko'Jin and Indrakshi

Squire to Sir Mathias Grunwold

Michal and Matthias Balfar's Challenge 2019 Michal and Mathias.jpg

Michal, Matthias, and Edward at Roses Michal OTC Photo.jpeg

Receiving the Shield of Chivalry from Ionness II and Honig II Shield Michal.jpg