Memorandum of Purpose

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The East Kingdom Wiki is a place to gather the history, customs, and shared culture of the East Kingdom of the SCA. This purpose is furthered and enhanced by encouraging the people of the East to participate and to contribute generously.

Less formally, the wiki has also developed as a place where the people of the East can share history and knowledge of themselves, their personas, their participation within the Society, and other elements of factual and personal natures. Pages about people are to be left to be edited by those individuals or by express permission from those individuals.

Some pages exist for persons of historical importance to the East Kingdom, and are not associated with an individual wiki account. These pages serve to reflect the historical record, and contributions to these pages should be limited to factual content and should be made with citations when possible.

This wiki was created in August of 2008 as a project of the Historian jointly with the technical expertise of the Webministry.