Mega Zenjirou Yoshi

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Mega Zenjirou Yoshi
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges


Lord Drogo Bryce of Middlefordshire / Mega Zenjirou Yoshi

AoA Ansteorra AS XX

Squire to Sir Ian MacBaird AS XX-XXII


Mega Zenjirou Yoshi is the last scion of a once great house in 3rd quarter 16th century Japan. He is fond of finely crafted weapons and armor, tea, sake, and the Diamond Sutra. To his great shame, he is currently a ronin.

Alternate Persona

Lord Drogo Bryce of Middlefordshire was born in Dumfriesshire in 1171, was the child of a minor noble house with Scot and Norman ties. He was sent North, at the appropriate age, to serve as page to Lord Ian MacBaird. When Ian was knighted, Drogo became his first squire. Drogo left Ian's service to follow the Lion Heart to the holy land, where he lingered longer than Richard. After 7 years or so in Outremer, Drogo returned to his family lands, just the other side of the western edge of the wall. He spends a great deal of time in the Highlands, which Ian taught him to love, as well as on the contintent, trying to break into the tourney circuit.

Offices & Positions

Chronicler, Middleford Ansteorra, I don't know like AS XX to AS XXI

Event Staff

If we are at your event and you need prep cooks, dishwashers, or general flunkies, usually we can offer up at least one volunteer. Its hard for us to take on Staff positions with out being active at a local level, but we generally try to put in a few hours of work at any event, to show respect to our hosts, and cause you frequently meet the most awesome folks that way!

Projects & Publications

Chronicler, The Bridge, Middleford Shire's monthly newsletter. Various illustrations in that, from era in which I edited it, and when others did.

More Information

Both Yoshi and Drogo are generally seen with m'lady Jecca Read and their vivacious daughters Zoe and Xandri. We still fairly new to the East Kingdom, though we've been trying to get involved for 8 years. Distance and timing of most local meetings are not realistic most of the time, so we've not really connected to our local groups as we'd like. We have made some wonderful friends across the kingdom, so we are trying to at least be more active by traveling to more events. Still trying to figure out what the best events for us to hit in a given season are.