Matilda Wynter

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Resides: Barony of Storvik, Kingdom of Atlantia
Status: Active (Expat)
Awards: Order of Precedence
Ermine, a chevron cotised gules
Award & Office Badges


Lady Matilda Wynter,


Lady Matilda is primarily an Englishwoman of around 1200, but as she cannot seem to stop making garb, she travels through both time and space. This seems unlikely to stop anytime soon. She is usually accompanied by Lord Geoffrey Hart. She is protege to Master Ryan Mac Whyte


  • Award of Arms, Crown Tournament of Edward III and Thyra II 11/1/2014


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In Case of Court

In case of court, please notify Lord Geoffrey Hart, and Master Ryan MacWhyte. Its a good idea to also have someone keep an eye on Matilda so that she doesn't run off on an errand for someone...

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