Marian O'Liam of Kilkenny

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Marian O'Liam of Kilkenny
Awards: Order of Precedence
Marian OLiam arms.jpg
Per saltire argent and vert, in pale two garden rosebuds slipped and leaved azure and in fess two trees blasted and eradicated argent.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Marian attended her first event in the Shire of Montvale in the Summer of 1986 and joined the Society shortly after. In the times since she has resided in the Kingdoms of Atlantia, AEthelmearc, and Meridies but always returned home to the East. She currently resides in the Shire of Blak Rose.

Over the years she has held various offices at the Shire level, autocratted a number of events, and assisted on Pennsic staff.

Her areas of interest are research of anything that strikes her fancy, and fiber arts. She spins, weaves (tablet and one project on a 4 shaft loom), knits, lucets cording and hopes to add other skills.


Marian was born in 1496, the same year as Mary Tudor sister to King Henry VIII. Her Father was a wealthy Irish merchant who helped finance Henry VII in his acquisition of the English throne. To repay the debt Henry wed her Father to a royal ward and gave them a small estate as a wedding gift. Marian's Mother died of childbed fever after giving birth to her brother, who did not survive. She inherited properties from her Mother, and her Father remarried.

Marian married at 18 to a minor courtier of Henry VIII, who was previously married and had children. She was widowed, without children of her own, in her late early 40s and was given a pension and a minor position in the households of Queen Jane and then Anne of Cleaves. She is currently residing in the household of the Lady Anne of Cleves.

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