Mari Clock van Hoorne

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photo by Duchess Caoilfhionn
Resides: Shire of Caer Adamant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Marietta Device.png
Device: Per pale azure and gules, a coronet within an orle of dice Or

Cat Rampant Contourney Sable.jpg
Badge: (Fieldless) A domestic cat rampant contourney sable
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Award of the Golden Lyre CourtBarony Order of the Harlequin Master of Horse Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch
Archery Marshal Minister of Arts and Science Minister of Lists Herald


  • Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • Barones Mari Clock van Hoorne lives in the Amsterdam area of Netherlands, around the year 1575 during the Dutch Revolt.
  • Baronessa Marietta da Firenze is from Florence, Italy but living in Amsterdam around 1375.
  • Hersiskona Marína Sviðbalki lives in Greenland around the year 1075.
  • Baron Godric Gameday owns and runs the Gameday Taverne, in Dover, on the coast of England, about the year 1325.

At Events

Sometimes at events you may find Mari working at Troll. She likes being a Troll. She also enjoys list running if there is a tournament happening, and loves serving feasts. Having a strong love of games, be it card games, board games, or lawn games, Mari has created the "Household" Gameday Taverne. The general purpose of Gameday Taverne is to (hopefully) schedule and arrange Servers for feasts at local events... and of course, play games!

These days you can sometimes find Mari helping out in the kitchen because her son Siege seems to enjoy them, and it is important to support the children in their endeavors. While in the kitchen, personal preference is for washing dishes over doing anything with the food.

Mari camps with Folkvang at Pennsic, found in block N21 near the North Gate.

Art Activities

Primary Focus

  • Loop Manipulation Braiding (fingerloop) -- always willing to teach basic braids and always interested in aiding experienced braiders with new braids
  • Embroidery -- always willing to teach, some forms more comfortable than others
  • Pottery -- brand new art form but LOVE it -- currently trying to learn all the things from super awesome people
  • Lace -- Not yet knowledgeable enough to teach, but hope to be soon

Dabbles in:

  • Garment Construction -- I have knowledge to share, but I don't often put that knowledge to use
  • Inkle and Tablet Weaving
  • Metalwork
  • Calligraphy and Illumination
  • Glass Beads

Site with some of my art

Current Offices and Positions

Other Affiliations

  • Scheduler and Daily Editor for the East Kingdom Gazette
  • Craftsman in Athena's Thimble having achieved Competency in Applique, Freework, Lacis, Counted Thread, Openwork, and Smocking and Working Knowledge in Padded Work, Needlelace, and Canvas. Currently pursuing Senior Member status to enable more frequent panels.
  • Apprentice in Arachne's Web Lace Guild
  • Member of Folkvang, loose group of friends that camps together at Pennsic and other events. We welcome anyone that needs a home, where you're always welcome until you earn your right to be uninvited.

Past Offices & Positions Held

  • Autocrat or Head Troll for various Shire of Caer Adamant events, if not acting in one of those roles usually is there for set up and general during the day assistance.
  • Past local offices held for the Shire of Caer Adamant: Seneschal, Exchequer, Herald, Chatelaine, Chronicler, Minister of Arts & Sciences, and Webminister
  • Deputy East Kingdom Seneschal
  • Kingdom Clerk of Laws (a Deputy to East Kingdom Seneschal)
  • Branch Polling Clerk (a Deputy to East Kingdom Seneschal)
  • Deputy to Southern Region Seneschal
  • Deputy East Kingdom Chatelaine
  • Southern Region Minister of Arts & Sciences
  • Webminister for the East Kingdom Exchequer, East Kingdom Signet, and East Kingdom Chatelaine
  • Court Scheduler for the reign of Omega and Etheldreda
  • Head Retainer for the reign of Ivan and Matilde
  • Baronial Signet for Rowen and Suba, Baron and Baroness Bhakail
  • Baronial Signet for Rowen, Baron Bhakail
  • Feast Serving Coordinator for Bhakail Yule Revel XL, December 2018
  • Autocrat for Yule XLI and Baronial Investiture in Barony Bhakail, December 2019)

Additional Information / Contact

  • Pronounces name mare-ee klok van horn
  • Enjoys the more anachronistic parts of the society, to include terms like Autocrat and Head Troll (not feast-o-crat, even I have limits).
  • Other favorite anachronisms include wearing comfortable, warm, waterproof boots with a nice, warm wool dress.
  • Has been recognized with various honors, including, but not limited to, Queen's Cypher, Artisan to the Crown, Clothier to the Crown, and Awards of Esteem, as well as multiple Flames of Bhakail.
  • Need to reach me? Send a note to Kingdom Email or Personal Email or connect with me through Discord Username MariClock#8547 or with BattleTag MariClock#1835.
  • If needed for any Court appearances, please contact my partner, Jarl Thorson, my Pelican, Mistress Catrin, or almost any other Shire mate in Caer Adamant, for arrangements.
  • If receiving an award document, a note to the Scribe assigned: Please to do whatever style you are most comfortable with. Encouraged to decorate with cats, games (card, board, or yard types), people playing games, but also have fun with skeletons, skulls, demons, and Hellmouths. If you really want to recreate extremely religious iconography, please do! I will love it all.