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* Érik le Vert
* Érik le Vert
     - Sharp as the Axe.  
     - Sharp as the Axe.  
* Halgar Omarsoon
* Halgar Omarson
     - Also known as Halgar le Bavard
     - Also known as Halgar le Bavard
*Lady Iseabaìl Macgregor
*Lady Iseabaìl Macgregor

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Caption Needed
Founded: 2017
Status: active
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Award Badges


Residing in the Barony of l'Île du Dragon Dormant, the members of this Maisnie are people of passion. You will find them just about everywhere, in the kitchen, at the gate and basically running all over the place offering their hearts and hands to who ever need help.


  • Lady Abiageal Murgen inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh
    - She has the grace of a leaf floating in the wind.  
    - She's a fighter with a golden heart, she will probably kill you with her smile!
    - She likes to lead crazy A&S projects such as making largess for the kingdom's gift chest or giant wallhangings embroidery projects.  
  • Lady Deirdre Rhuad Inghean Mhic An Madaidh
    - She's as graceful as the blooming petals of the morning rose.
    - She'll win your heart with her generosity and kindness.
  • Érik le Vert
    - Sharp as the Axe. 
  • Halgar Omarson
    - Also known as Halgar le Bavard
  • Lady Iseabaìl Macgregor
    - She moves with the fluidity of  the waves in the ocean.
  • Lord Jehan de Caen aka John Blakethorn le Brewere
    - he makes sure we're well hydrated!
    - Our newest member!!  Kind and Smart he's not afraid to take on challenges.
    - She doesn't know it but she makes gold with everything she touches.
  • Lady Rowena Inghean Mhic An Mhadaidh
    - Sweet and shy, but she's a fighter like her mom
    - She says the best fun is in the kitchen!! She likes to cook feast, she'll make your tastebuds dance with joy and you stomach cry for help.
  • Saoirse Mackellaig
    -  A generous soul, she's always there to give a helping hand with a gracious smile.