Madrun Cwith

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Madrun Cwith
Resides: Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

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After tagging along to fighter practices with her husband Galfredus of Newe Forest, Madrun attended her first event at Harpers in 2018. With many years of fiber arts practice, she applied her skills to clothing herself and family. She can often be seen among her gaggle of children, or sitting with her spindle and project bag. Madrun is thrilled to share what she knows of her skills with others, and encourages questions from the interested.

Pronouns: She/her


Madrum Cwith is a Welsh woman from about the 11th century. She weaves, sews clothing, spins yarn, and anything else fiber related she can get her hands on. She also dabbles a bit with illumination and calligraphy, and has a particular fondness for knotwork.


Member of the East Kingdom Royal Foresters

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Projects & Publications

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In Case of Court

Reach out to her husband Galfredus of New Forest (corey dot lemoine at gmail dot com).

More Information

Detailed projects at my website: Greenkri: Medieval Adventures