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== Persona ==
== Persona ==
Describe your persona and persona history (as much as you wish)
Sometimes called Madog of Oakenwode
== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==

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Caption Needed
Resides: Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Semi Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms


Madog Tellier is a 5th Century Romano Celt just after Rome has left Ibernia, north of Hadrians wall.


Sometimes called Madog of Oakenwode

Offices & Positions

  • Deputy Chatelaine, Barony of Stonemarche- June 1994-May 1995

Event Staff

  • Event Staff, EKBG Collegium 4/2014

In Case of Court

I'm ok with surprises. Please notify Inn of Bards Rest for any arrangements

More Information