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|opid = 8824
|device = [[Image:HawkridgeArms.png|200px]]  
|device = [[Image:HawkridgeArms.png|200px]]  
| devicecaption = Argent, per saltire vert, two blue thistle azure.
|devicecaption = Argent, per saltire vert, two blue thistle azure.
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Resides: Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Argent, per saltire vert, two blue thistle azure.
Award & Office Badges


Medbh has been involved with the SCA since 2011, at the insistence of her household. Medbh is an inkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads.


A descendant of the Celtic tribal rulers of Somerset, the Dumnonii, Medbh of Hawkridge is a lady in the house of the forester, the Exmoor warden in 12 century Hawkridge, Somerset, England. She has an interest in the pagan religion of her forefathers, much the the enragement of the local clergy, and is a fair hand at textile crafts.

Medbh is a member of House Three Sheets.

Offices & Positions

None, yet.

Event Staff

  • Assistant, Queen's Tea/Royalty Social, Pennsic 40, August 2011
  • Dayboard Cook, A Day in the Court of Harun Al-Rashid, Carolingia, November 2011

Projects & Publications

  • Co-Authored "A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook", published May 2012
  • Co-founder of Inn at the Crossroads[1], since March 2011


  • Historical cookery
  • Archery
  • Textile crafts