Luthor von Eisenfaust

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Luthor von Eisenfaust
Resides: Ostgardr
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Luther Arms.jpg
Vert, a chevron Or and overall a clenched sinister gauntlet argent.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Tygers Combattant


Luthor is a former King in Acre who had a lot of interaction with the East Kingdom of the SCA. After stepping down from the throne of Acre, he took an extended break, but friends in the East encouraged him to come give it a try. As he had enjoyed it there, made some friends, wanted to train harder and become a better fighter, he joined the fighting community. Starting in 2015, he went to some Eastern events with friends. He has found his home and hasn't looked back since.


Luthor is a count and knight of Acre. He is the bastard son of a German noble, Tomas Hanover Von Eisenfaust (commonly referred to as Hanover). Luthor went to the Holy Land to find his father and see if he would be claimed as his own. He was welcomed in by his father, trained to be a warrior, and introduced to the Order of Saint Adrian. Luthor has a step mother, Bronywn (also of Acre and a Countess), two half sisters, and a half brother, Heinrich Von Eisenfaust, who is also a member of the Order of Saint Adrian.

Offices and Positions

  • Queen's Guard, Anna, 2016-17
  • Queen's Guard, Honig, 2017
  • Unbelted Heroic Champion, Pennsic, 2016,
  • Unbelted Heroic Champion Alternate, Pennsic 2017



Luthor is a marshall in training, and enjoys helping out wherever he can. He has been making pater nosters, and recently started trying his hand at wood working. He has experience running feasts in the Kingdom of Acre and would like to continue that service here in the East.

In Case of Court

  • Please notify his knight, Sir Steffan Von Dresden
  • Luthor prefers surprises.