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THL Lorita deSiena
Resides: Shire of Anglespur
Status: Active
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Missy coat of arms final2.jpg
Per chevron inverted purpur and or, a chevron inverted sable between two roses counterchanged
Award & Office Badges


THL Lorita deSiena, OSC


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Offices & Positions

  • Illuminator and Wordsmith, local level (2010-current)
  • Columnist for the Pennsic Independent (2011-current)
  • Dance Publicity Officer for Pennsic European Dance Pavilion (2011-current)
  • Illuminator, kingdom level (2013-current)
  • Chatelaine, Shire of Anglespur (2013-current)
  • Freelance Reporter for the Pennsic Independent (2017-current)
  • Archery Marshal, Shire of Anglespur (2015-current)
  • Company Captain of Archers, Shire of Anglespur (2017-current)
  • Silent Herald (2017-current)

Event Staff

  • Autocrat, Crystal Snowflake Ball (several)
  • Dance Deputy, War of the Roses (many)
  • Bardic Deputy, War of the Roses (2014)
  • Archery Marshal in Charge, Hunter's Moon (2015-current) and War of the Roses (2015)
  • Autocrat, Sherwood Forest (2017)
  • Dance Mistress in Charge, At the Sign of the Dancing Fox (many years, current)

Projects & Publications

  • Terpsichorean Treasure, published in the Pennsic Independent (2011-present)
  • Various cover art published for the Pikestaff (2015-2017)
  • Various articles published in the Pennsic Independent (2017)
  • Dance War Point for War of the Roses, designed and implemented (2013)

In Case of Court

  • Before the event happens? Email me.
  • At the event? Assuming that I'm not already standing next to Their Majesties signing away, just send a runner to find me.

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