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Azure, a fess bretessed argent between six covered cups Or.
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Lord Lorenzo Gorla is a resident of the Barony of Iron Bog, and currently serves as their Minister of Arts and Sciences. He is a member of the Tadcaster Militia, and serves the house as the official Scapegoat. He takes delight in unarmored combat (with rapier, longsword, and sidesword), and studies historical combat. His other studies include the history and legality of dueling, and the culture of swordsmen in the 16th century. He's been known to take time out to dance, and, if cornered, write poetry.

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Offices & Positions

Deputy Chatelaine, Shire of Iron Bog/ Barony of Iron Bog
Deputy Rapier Marshal, Shire of Iron Bog/ Barony of Iron Bog
Deputy Chronicler, Shire of Iron Bog/ Barony of Iron Bog
Rapier Marshal: Barony of Iron Bog
Minister of Arts and Sciences: Barony of Iron Bog

Event Staff

Lorenzo has served as the Rapier Marshal In Charge for several Iron Bog events.

Projects & Publications

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