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Village of Lochleven Gate
Founded: A.S. XXXIII
Status: Active
Heraldry Description to come
Award Badges

Lochleven is best known for its large encampment and considerable fighting force at Pennsic. Its members are scattered around the East, but primarily live in and around MA.


Concidere aratra in gladios est tempus (It's time we turned our plowshares into swords)



  • Alain DeCraiginterve
  • Ávaldr Valbjarnarson
  • Bertrand de Bancroft
  • Mistress Caitlin Davies
  • Ciarnait ni'Bhroin
  • Cassandra Grey
  • Chiara di Marzo da Venezia
  • Christoph the Clockwork
  • Cedric of Lochleven
  • Clarice
  • David Lockhart
  • Sir Colin mac Eoain mec Lachlainn
  • Sir Edward Grey
  • Eion Mac Neill
  • Elizabeth Reed
  • Emma of Goldenoak
  • Emy ingen Eioun
  • Eoghan Bastard mac Lachlainn
  • Eric the Quick
  • Francois de Inneschönnel
  • Helena Doherty
  • Hrut (Pondscum)
  • Isabeau of Lochleven
  • Jozef Ludwiczak
  • Master Justin du Coeur
  • Kate the Wicked
  • Kennimaor Geirsson
  • Lachlann Mac Lochlann Mec Lachlain
  • Marcel Armand
  • Margaret of Lochleven
  • Mary of Lochleven
  • Meggie inghean Lachlainn(Alt Persona Chattracam Meghanta aka 'Megha')
  • Metilda Grey
  • Mori Matsunomae (residing in Atlantia)
  • Murielle desMarais
  • Nicholas de Harrington
  • Randilyn of Lochleven
  • Rosa d'Oro da Murano (Alt Persona Suavarranna Kamala)
  • Robert Scarlett
  • Seamus of Lochleven

In Memorium

  • Valentine

Sister Households


The Army

Awarded Blue Tyger Legion at Pennsic XXXII, 08/14/2003

The Village

The Village of Lochleven, as distinct from the Household Locheleven, is made up of anyone who camps with the Household at Pennsic. All Villagers are encouraged to wear the blue and green and to try out any and all activites of the Society. Some Villagers only ever come to Pennsic, some are the spouses of Household members who don't really play in the SCA but like to go camping with us. Some Villagers are the children of household members and some are just trying this SCA thing out and need a welcoming place to do so. New members of the Household are drawn from the Villagers who decide to commit to participating fully in the society.

Villagers are encouraged to speak in outrageous Scottish accents. All are considered family.

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