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[[Category:16th Century Personas]]
[[Category:16th Century Personas]]
[[Category:Rapier Fencers]]
[[Category:Rapier Fencers]]
[[Category:Barony of Dragonship Haven]]

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Don Llewellyn ending his term as Queen's Champion
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and vert, a horse rampant between in pale an arrow fesswise reversed and an arrow fesswise argent
(Fieldless) In saltire, a rapier and an arrow inverted vert, overall a horse's head couped argent
Award & Office Badges
MarksmanDefenders.jpgSun-soil.jpg50pxQueen's Order of CourtesyCompanion of the Order of the Burdened TygerAward of ArmsCompanion of the Order of the Silver RapierCompanion of the Order of the Golden RapierCompanion of the Order of Defense



Master Llewellyn Walsh. I started in the SCA as an archer and quickly added fencing to my repertoire. Lately, I've been trying many of the Arts & Sciences and am thoroughly enjoying being able to create so many things.


16th century Welsh Irish

Alternate Persona:Hrossbjǫrn Hestamaðr

9th Century Norse

Hrossbjǫrn on Reese





  • Fencing/Cut & Thrust
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Archery
  • Fletching
  • Mead Brewing
  • Sewing garb (I love trying to incorporate heraldry in garb)
  • Silk painting
  • Embroidery

Offices & Positions


Event Staff

  • Rapier MIC for Bergental/BBM Yule 2013
  • Co-Autocrat for Balfar's Challenge 2018
  • C&T MIC at Balfar's Challenge 2018
  • Rapier MIC for BBM Investiture 2018
  • C&T demo for East Kingdom 50th year 2018
  • Preregistration Coordinator for the Coronation of Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Vienna de la Mer 2018
  • Gate for the Coronation of Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Vienna de la Mer 2018
  • Rapier MIC for Dragonship Haven's Champions Day 2018
  • Gate for Dragonship Haven Baronial Investiture & King's and Queen's Bardic Championship 2019

Projects & Publications

In Case of Court

In case Llewellyn needs to be called into court, please contact his wife Baronesa Catalina de Valencia.

More Information