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Lady Lisabetta Medaglia
Resides: The Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
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Argent, a griffin sejant purpure maintaining a bow proper, all within a bordure azure semy of plates.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Maunche


Hi, I'm Lady Lisabetta Medaglia. I'm an illuminator for the East Kingdom (which is my passion!), and I also enjoy archery, cooking, pewter crafting, tablet weaving, sampling mead, and learning more A&S things as I go along. I usually like to dress in my device's colours, any combination of blue, purple, or white. Gryphons are my favourite mythical creatures, which is why I wanted one for my device, and my maker's mark for my illuminations is a purple gryphon's head, erased at the neck.


Italian, early 1300s. Not much else other than that.


  • AoA - Mimir's Well 2008
  • Order of the Maunche - Market Day at Birka 2010
  • Queen's Honour of Distinction - Market Day at Birka 2010

Offices & Positions

  • MoAS for Shire of Mountain Freehold 2011-2017

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In Case of Court

Please contact my husband, Erasmus of Mountain Freehold. If you cannot get a hold of him, you can contact Marieke van de Dal, who can then get you in contact with my husband. I enjoy being pleasantly surprised, so please do not spoil any surprises!

In service to other illuminators and scribes, here are a list of things in which I may suggest, if you should include them on any future scrolls:

  • Favourite colours: Purple, blue, white (my heraldic colours); Least favourite colours: Brown, red, orange.
  • Favourite creatures: Gryphons. Especially my purple gryphon! I also love my dog, Bella. If you need photos of her for reference, please contact my husband Erasmus (as listed above).
  • Style of illumination: I adore anything that is western European 1200-1400. Examples of these can be found in: Luttrell Psalter, Macclesfield Psalter, Gorleston Psalter, Alphonso Psalter, Taymouth Hours, etc. I especially love beasties, hybrids, and other such creatures in illuminations, and even enjoy making them in my own illuminations.
  • Language: English prefered, but would be fine with Italian and/or Latin (providing there is a translation included).

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