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* Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Populous Choice - Mimir's Well 2017
* Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Populous Choice - Mimir's Well 2017
* Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Champion - Birthday Bash 2017
* Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Champion - Birthday Bash 2017
* Order of the Silver Wheel - Mimir's Well 2020
== Offices & Positions ==
== Offices & Positions ==

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Lady Lisabetta Medaglia
Resides: The Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Argent, a griffin sejant purpure maintaining a bow proper, all within a bordure azure semy of plates.

Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Maunche


Hi, I'm Lady Lisabetta Medaglia (pronounced Med-Dahl-Lee-Ah; the G is silent, almost as if you're saying "medallion"). I'm an illuminator for the East Kingdom (which is my passion!), and I also enjoy archery, cooking, pewter crafting, tablet weaving, sampling mead, and learning more A&S things as I go along. I usually like to dress in my device's colours, any combination of blue, purple, or white. Gryphons are my favourite mythical creatures, which is why I wanted one for my device, and my maker's mark for my illuminations is a purple gryphon's head, erased at the neck.



Italian, early 1300s. Not much else other than that.

Maker's Mark

Lady Lisabetta's Maker's Mark can be found somewhere among her illuminations. It features a purple gryphon head effacer, facing right.

Lisa gryphon makersmark.jpg


  • AoA - Mimir's Well 2008
  • A&S Competition winner - Panteria 2008
  • Scribal/Illumination category winner - Northern Lights 2010
  • Order of the Maunche - Market Day at Birka 2015
  • Queen's Honour of Distinction - Market Day at Birka 2015
  • Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Populous Choice - Mimir's Well 2017
  • Shire of Mountain Freehold A&S Champion - Birthday Bash 2017
  • Order of the Silver Wheel - Mimir's Well 2020

Offices & Positions

  • MoAS for Shire of Mountain Freehold 2011-2017

Event Staff

  • Name of Position, Name of Event, mm/dd/yyyy
  • List in Chronological order, oldest to newest
  • Mimir's Well 2007-2008, cook

In Case of Court

  • Please contact my husband, Erasmus of Mountain Freehold. If you cannot get a hold of him, you can contact Marieke van de Dal, who can then get you in contact with my husband.
  • I enjoy being pleasantly surprised, so please do not spoil any surprises!
  • In case of receiving a coronet, I would love a silver-coloured metal one - no gold coloured or leather, please.

In Service To Other Illuminators/Scribes

In service to other illuminators and scribes, here are a list of things in which I may suggest, if you should include them on any future scrolls:

  • Favourite colours/themes: Purple, blue, white (my heraldic colours). I also like springtime colours - pastels of the following: pink, blue, yellow, green, purple; Least favourite colours: Brown, red, orange, neutral colours/autumn colours. I also love astronomy, stars, constellations (I am a Capricorn - the sea goat).
  • Favourite creatures: Gryphons. Especially my purple gryphon! I also love my dog, Bella. If you need photos of her for reference, please contact my husband Erasmus (as listed above).
  • Favourite non-period/mundane things: Queen (the band; specifically Brian May), My Little Pony (I have been called "Fluttershy" by a few people now!; favourite old-school Gen. 1 MLP is Firefly and Moondancer), Fairy Tail (manga/anime), Pokemon (my favourites are Mantyke, Vaporeon, Sylveon, Articuno, Charizard).
  • On the topic of non-period themes, I wouldn't mind a 1980s theme - pastel colours, colourful squiggles, splatters, and shapes, My Little Pony, references from my favourite 80s movies (Back to the Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Willow, The Princess Bride, Indiana Jones), and any other 80s references that could possibly be put in there.
  • Style of illumination: I adore anything that is western European 1200-1400 "bar-and-ivy". Examples of these can be found in: Luttrell Psalter, Macclesfield Psalter, Gorleston Psalter, Alphonso Psalter, Taymouth Hours, etc. I especially love beasties, hybrids, and other such creatures in illuminations, and even enjoy making them in my own illuminations.
  • Language: English preferred, but would be fine with Italian and/or Latin (providing there is a translation included).

In Case of Peerage

  • I prefer a writ, so that I might contact my family/non-SCAdian friends, to see if they could attend the Elevation event.
  • For vigil treats, I have a bit of a sweet tooth - if it's not too out of the way, I would love some Italian desserts: Tiramisu is my favourite! Cannoli, pizzelle (no fennel, please!), Napoleons, cupcakes (nothing with nuts; favourite flavours are chocolate, mint, coffee, red velvet), with water and coffee (milk, Coffee Mate Hazelnut creamer, sugar), and fruity teas for drinks.
  • For a vigil book, if it's possible, I would love for it to be a girdle book, so that I may carry it with me in my belt.
  • I would love for my scroll to have at least one gryphon on it. The world needs more gryphons! For style of Illumination/Calligraphy, I love the bar-and-ivy style (check "In service to other Illuminators/scribes" above for my favourite manuscript types) with matching calligraphy hand.
  • For regalia, I'd be happy with a cloak or a sideless surcote (as surcotes are what I usually wear for garb), and would like to request if they could be in my heraldic colours (purple, blue, and white).

List of Illuminations For Scrolls/Projects

This is a list of illuminations I've done within the years of being an illuminator. Calligraphy is done by their respective calligraphers, unless stated it was done by me. These are only a few selections - more can be seen on my Facebook Gallery, as they are made Public, for all to see and enjoy!