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Leo Dracasonr
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active (in EK) Since AS 49
Awards: Order of Precedence
MacCullan Heraldry1 small.jpg
Sable, a lion's head argent and on a chief argent a mullet of four points in dexter chief sable
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms White Gate The Honor of the Sea Star Companion of the Order of the Silver Rapier Companion of the Order of the Silver Tyger Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent
Fencing Marshal Chatelaine Knight Marshal


Matthew (Matty) Beliveau, plays Leo "Half-Thane" Dracosson an 11th C. "New-World Norse" exploring the realms beyond Vinland. (see background for full story)

In Case of Court

In case of court please contact the following in order:

If not available please contact me directly Email:

I would happily accept an on-line/ethereal court award

  • Scrolls:
    • Happy to wait for a scroll or have a scroll of smaller size, except in the case of peerage.
    • Would LOVE a scroll by any of these fine Scadians: Camille Desjardins, Nataliia Hurd, Lisa Cotton, Keziah Planchete, Christiana Crane, Danielle Hunt, Yevgeniya Pechenaya, Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccaforno, Baron Fergus Redmead.
  • IF Ever I were to be awarded a Court Baron I would Love for Kristoph of Kvasir Metalworks/Kristoph of Swampkeyp (Christopher Nowland) to do the coronette.
  • ICOP: Pelican to be on file with Duchess Marieke and Mistress Nataliia. Chivalry will be on file in the future.

Armored Combat

  • Squire to Sir Duarcaín MacWard AS57
    • Formerly Man-at-arms AS 54-57
    • Former Man-at-Arms to Master Draco (dec.) of House Deathsword; Shire of Trysel, Trimaris 1996-98
  • Authorizations: All
  • Heavy/Armored Marshal
  • Tournaments:
    • Shire of Mountain Freehold Heavy Champion AS 54
    • Tournament of the Northern Seas AS 57: 3rd Place
    • 5v5 melee teams @ Harper's retreat: 1st place AS57
    • Barony of Stonemarche, Baroness' Heavy Champion: AS 58 @ Harpers retreat
    • Birka AS 58: 22nd place 48.2% win ratio


  • Authorizations: Heavy Rapier: All (including spear) / Cut & Thrust: All / Light Rapier: All
  • Fencing & C&T Marshal
  • Forms and Master's studying: Late 16th & early 17th C mostly Italian and German
  • Created "North Country Defense Academy" Facebook group to encourage cross-pollination of the various local and regional art of defense groups.
    • Former Cadet to Master Lucien de Wyntere
    • Helping the Shire of Coldwood establish a Fencing program
  • Tournaments:
    • Shire of Mountain Freehold Fencing Championships AS 51: Melee Champion
    • Barony of Stonemarche Baronial Fencing Championships As 52: Baroness' Champion
    • Crown Province of Ostrgardr Fencing Championship AS 56: Provincial Champion (Undefeated)


  • Protege to Duchess Marieke van de Dal and Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina
  • Kingdom Positions:
  • Shire Offices:
    • Chatelaine AS 55 (Jan) - present
      • Deputy Chatelaine AS 52 (June) - (Dec) 54
    • Deputy Seneschal AS 54 (January) - Present
      • Emergency Seneschal
      • Finance Committee
    • Deputy Soothsayers Chapter leader (AS 57)
  • Marshaling:
    • Heavy Marshal at large
    • Fencing Marshal at large
    • Deputy Marshal of Fence AS 52 (June) - AS 55 (April)
      • Cut & Thrust Marshal AS 54 (January) - Present
      • (Unofficial) Fencing Marshal for the Shire of Coldwood
    • Thrown Weapons MIT AS 52 (July) - Present

Event Service


    • April: Feast of Fools- Chirurgeon; Panteria: clean up crew
    • October: Shire Birthday Bash- Chirurgeon


    • July: VT Ren Faire Demo: Fencing MIT and Deputy Chatelaine
    • August: Walk in the Pines: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon;
    • September: Harper's Retreat: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Harvest Moon: Thrown Weapons MIT; Closing of the Inne at Coldwood: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon
    • October: Shire Birthday Bash: Deputy Chatelaine, Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon, Soothsayers guild meeting leader


    • January: Market at Birka: Fencing MIT; Designed Plans for Birka's Fencing Lists
    • February: Mimir's Well: Deputy Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Soothsayers Guild class (Rune casting)
    • March: VT Winter VT Renaissance Faire Demo: Fencing MIT and Deputy Chatelaine
    • May: War of the Roses - Fencing MIT
    • June: Northern Region War Camp: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Vermont Renaissance Faire Demo: Fencing MIT
    • July: Panthervale Demo day: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Great Northeastern War: Chirurgeon, Retainer for Prince Wilhelm
    • August: Pennsic War 47: BY the Book Fencing tourney MIT, Water Bearer; Shire Birthday Bash: Deputy Chatelaine, Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon
    • September: Harper's Retreat: Fencing MIT, Taught fencing 101 class, retained for Baroness Jocelyn & Service to event staff
    • November: Carnage-Con Demo; North Country Regional Fencing Practice Organizer, Chirurgeon, MIT & taught classes on Fencing Basics and Melee Line Communication.
    • December: Kings & Queen's Fencing Championships- Retainer for Princess Fortune


    • January: Shire Yule - Deputy Chatelaine; Market at Birka- Fencing MIT, Retainer for their Highness's
    • March: Mimir's Well - Deputy Chatelaine; Central Region Spring Rapier Practice - Fencing MIT;
    • April: Coronation of Ozzur & Fortune - Parking attendant, Queen's Guard, Retainer for Baroness Deirdre Planchett, Retainer for their Majesties; Feast of Fools - Deputy Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Fencing MIT; Balfar's - Queen's Guard
    • May: Chauvency's Challenge at IDD - Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon, Organizer and instructor of "War Schola"; Retainer for King Ozzur and Princess Margarita De' Siena; Panteria - Queen's Guard, Fencing MIT
    • June: SRWC - Queens Guard, Chirurgeon; Opening of the Inne at Coldwood - Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Beltaines - Queen's Guard
    • July: Portcon Demo (Malagentia) - Fencing Demo and Chirurgeon; Great Northern Thyng - "MIC" of Adult Foam-Fighting and War-God Tourney, Fencing MIT; Great Northeastern War - Queen's Guard, Vigil Bookkeeper for Mistress Jocelyn's Vigil, Fencing MIT
    • August: Pennsic War 48 - Queen's Guard, Fencing MIT, Water Bearer for multiple battles
    • September: Harper's Retreat - Queen Guard & Retainer, Chirurgeon, Fencing MIT
    • October: Shire of Mt Freehold Birthday Bash - Co-autocrat, Fencing MIT
    • November: 100 Minutes War- Chirurgeon


    • January: Market at Birka - Fencing Marshal, Chirurgeon, Retainer Baron Keziah Planchet of Stonemarche. Retainer for His Highness Alberic von Rostock
    • March: Mimir's Well - Setup/cleanup crew, Head Troll/Gate, Royal Guard, Retainer for His Highness Alberic von Rostock
    • September: Virtual Harpers - Lead Round Table Fencing Discussion


    • June: VT Ren Faire - Panthervale Demo: Fencing MIC, Heavy list MIT, Fighting/Fencing Demo Voice Herald, Set up crew and general staff help
    • September: Harpers Retreat - Setup/tear down crew, Fencing MIC, Northern Region Fencing Championship MOL, Fencing class on spears; John Barleycorn Returns - Fencing Marshal (assistant/extra help); Shire of Mt Freehold Birthday Bash - Setup/clean up crew, Gate/Troll
    • October: Closing of the Inne at Coldwood - Fencing MIC, Heavy MIT, Water bearer & hospitality table
    • November: Crown Tourney of Ionnes and Honig - List runner, Heavy MIT; 100 Min War -Rapier Marshal, Court/Voice herald


    • March: Ailes of March - Security, Vigil guard for Cathain Reiter, Retainer for Baroness Deidre Planchette, Voice Herald
    • April: Coronation - Parking attendant, Royal/Queen's Guard, Heavy MIT of Tourney, Break Down crew; Balfar's Challenge - Set up / take down crew, Heavy MIT, Queen's Guard
    • May: Crown Tournament - Setup crew, Royal Guard, Queens Retainer, List Runner; Panteria XXV - Fencing Marshal, Heavy MIT, Chatelaining all weekend long!
    • June: Opening of the Inne at Coldwood - Heavy Marshal; VT Ren Faire Panthervale Demo - Heavy fighting Demo's, Chatelaining
    • July: NRWC - Fencing MIC, Royal Guard, VDK land grab agent, Chirurgeon; GNEW - Royal Guard, Fencing Marshal, VDK Land agent
    • August: Pennsic - Royal Guard, Retainer to her Majesty, Chirurgeon ; Birthday Bash - Set up/tear down crew, Heavy Marshal, MIC Heavy Champs tourney
    • September: John Barleycorn - Gate and parking attendant, Fencing Marshal, MIC Provincial fencing tourney, Royal guard; Harper's Retreat - Gate/Gold key, Fencing Marshal, Heavy Marshal
    • October: Coronation - Royal Guard Corotica & Mohammad and Ryou & Indrakshi
    • December: Shire Yule - Chatelaine and Troll


    • January: 12th Night - Set up crew, Fencing Marshal (Taught class), Royal Retainer
    • February: Freehold/Panthervale demo at the VT Winter Renaissance Faire (Full weekend) - Organizer, chatelaine, heavy fighter, fencer
    • March: Mimir's Well - Setup/tear down crew, Gate, Chatelaine, teacher
    • April: Coronation - Royal retainer/guard for Corotica & Mohammad; Balfar's - Heavy/Armored Marshal
    • May: Roses Tourney - Clean Up crew
    • June: Opening of the Inne at Coldwood - Fencing marshal / Chirurgeon ; Panthervale Demo at VT Ren Faire - Chatelaine, Fencing Marshal, Heavy Marshal ; NRWC - Royal retainer to his majesty, Heavy Marshal
    • July/Aug: Pennsic War - VDK Camp set up/tear down crew, Gate Towers Crew, Royal Chirurgeon to her majesty of the East, House Chirurgeon, Battlefield Chirurgeon, Heavy marshal, Royal retainer
    • Sept: Demo at Gathering of the Realms Ren faire - Demo organizer, chatelaine, Fencing Marshal, Heavy Marshal, Set up/take down crew; Pride Day Parade march - Co-organizer; Harper's Retreat - Heavy Marshal, Fencing Marshal, Clean up crew
    • Oct: Central VT Armored Practice - Organizer, Heavy Marshal
    • Nov: 100 minutes War - Set up crew, Heavy Marshal
    • Dec: Wassail Tavern- Set up crew, Chatelaine, Royal set up; *Was Honored to carry Justice in Court*


    • Jan: Market Day at Birka - Gold key set up, Baronial champion duties
    • Feb: Vermont Winter Renaissance Faire - Organizer, chatelaine, Demo Fighter, Herald, Marshal (Heavy and fencing) Set-up/take down; Mimir's Well - Set up, Chatelaine, Deputy to Soothsayrs guild meeting, Taught 2 classes (New comers 101 & Norse in the new world)
    • March:
    • April:
    • May:
    • June:
    • July:
    • August:
    • Sept:
    • Oct:
    • Nov:
    • Dec:

Arts & Sciences

  • Interests:
    • Painting
    • Sewing
      • Made Crown Province of Ostrgardr Fencing Champion Cape regalia
    • Chain Mailing
    • Martial research
    • Scribal/Illumination
  • Guilds:
    • Journeyman of East Kingdom Soothsayers' Guild
      • Deputy to the Shire of Mountain Freehold Soothsayer's Guild
      • Mastery: Elder Futhark Runes, Dowsing
      • Proficient: Tarot, astrology, palmistry, dream analysis (Jungian), aura reading, numerology
    • Apprentice of Chirurgeon's Guild
      • Professional Level Adult, Child, Infant: CPR, First Aid, AED certified, Wilderness First Aid certified
    • Herald in Training
      • Devices & Voice


  • 2018
    • Feb: Intro to Rune Casting @ Mimir's Well
    • Sept: Fencing 101 @ Harper's Retreat
    • Nov: Fencing 101, Melee communication @ North Country Regional Rapier Practice
  • 2019
    • Jan-Feb: NCDA Fencing Film review Class & NCDA Single to Case 4 week progression class (single, stick, dagger & case)
    • March: NCDA Mixed Weapons fencing class
    • May: War Schola @ Chauvency's Challenge
  • 2020
    • March: Soothsayer's Guild Meeting @ Mimir's Well
    • Sept: Virtual Harper's Retreat, Class discussion on new Society and EK Fencing rules
  • 2021
    • Sept: Intro into Fencing Spears @ Harper's Retreat
  • 2022
    • Feb: SCA 101, Newcomers intro class (in person and zoom)
    • Sept: Intro to Cut & Thrust Fencing @ Harper's Retreat
  • 2023
    • Jan: Intro to SCA Fencing Spears @ 12th Night
    • March: Welcome to the SCA 101 - newcomer's class; Spears in SCA fencing; Soothsayers guild meeting on Runecasting @ Mimir's Well
  • 2024
    • Feb: Welcome to the SCA 101 - new comers class; Norse in the New World @ Mimir's Well.

Awards of Note

  • East Kingdom:
  • Duchy Von Drachenklaue:
    • Order of Balfar (Fighting) dedication as a warrior to the Duchy (Penssic 49)
    • Order of the Buccelari, (Service/Fighting) veteran of foreign wars (Pennsic 49)
  • Baronial Awards:
    • Stonemarche: Order of the White Gate (AS 56)
  • Provincial Honors:
    • Crown Province of Østgarđr: Honor of the Sea Star (Service Award) AS 56
  • Shire Distinctions

Persona Background and story

Leo "Half-Thane" Dracosson is an 11th C. Hiberno-Norse originally from the Dyflin, on the Irish Sea. Born in 973 to the mighty William Draco (Vilhjalmr Draca), son of Albrecht "The Great". Leo has an estranged son, Oddr, last he heard, was living in the Orkney Islands. Leo grew up as a Viking berzerker-warrior until the age of 23 where he suffered a near fatal injury. Luckily he recovered, but could no longer sustain the ways of the berzerker. Since then he has lived as a viking raider, merchant guard, noble body guard, and as a Varangian Guard. In 1023 he got word that his father died, and Leo was to inherit the family drakkar, "The Kingfisher". That summer he returned to Dyflin to take possession of it, and it needed repair. His father's crew, the "Dauðhjor" were defunct and scattered to the winds. Some too old, some injured, some estranged. His goal is to refit the ship, and bring together a new crew and sail to the West. Where he has heard tale and rumors of a land rich with glory and new opportunities for he and his crew!

Other Notable Information

  • Households - VDK Duchy Von Drachenklaue
  • In fealty to Countess Fortune Sancte Keyne
  • Created and maintaining the Northern Region Fencing Championship page on EK Wiki
    • Re-started the Northern Region Fencing Championships AS 56 @ Harpers Retreat
  • EK Siege Team
    • Created Cold Mountain Vale Siege Team (Multi Shire Team) AS 56
    • "Interim" Northern Region Siege Commander As 57-58


Leo Half-Thane Blog:

North Country Defense Academy's Facebook group (Currently inactive):

Youtube Channel:

Shire of Mountain Freehold Web page:

EK Email:

Non-SCA related info

Mundane Life:

  • Master Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & Minister Universal Life Church
  • Sgt-at-arms, Order of the Knights of Classic Lore (Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity)

Other "Reenactment" affiliations:

  • Rank of Knight in the Belegarth, Dagorhir & Hearthlight family of Larps
  • Teacher at Frozen Clover HEMA Club