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Baronial Champion
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active Since AS 49
Awards: Order of Precedence
MacCullan Heraldry1 small.jpg
Sable, a lion's head argent and on a chief argent a mullet of four points in dexter chief sable
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Rapier

Family History

The MacCullan Clan (of Scotland) was founded by Leon O'Cuileann in the 6th century. It is written that the O'Cuileann's of (ulster) Ireland claim mythical ancestry from Cu Chulainn himself. Leon was, as it is written in his accounts, a holy-warrior bound to (St) Columba as his personal guard. They met when Columba was a deacon studying under Saint Finnian at Clonard's Monastary. Leon claims to have saved Columba's life during the battle of Cul Dreimhne, and attended him during his departure to Iona. He stayed by Columba's side while in the kingdom of the Dal Riata and his tours through the lands. He was, as it was known then, called The "Lion of Iona", and hence the lion head on the MacCullan's coat of arms. His future clan settled in the lands of the Dal Riata, Dunkeld and Argyll where they sill hold claim today.


Leo MacCullan was born on August 8th 1573. He is the 3rd son of Lord Albert "The Lesser", son of Baron Albert "The Great", at Caisteal na Nighinn Ruaidhe ("The Red Keep") on Loch Avich, in the county of Argylle, Scotland. Born the youngest of his noble family, it was his familial duty to enter the church and continue in the ancient tradition. Education was granted to him starting at an early age, but as a head strong youth he was more interested in exploring and playing "rough and tumble" in the wilderness and highlands. While headstrong he was dutiful and he joined the clergy at age 18, and spent his years in seminary cloistered at Iona Abbey. He was ordained as a priest on Mid-summers 1599 and then cloistered at Castle Inverness as a soothsayer and healer. This position brought his family much contentment, but his adventurous ways never left his heart.


Leo is a warrior priest. He is stubborn, charming, moody and he follows his heart, and his passions. Several have commented that he is "a bit cocky". This is not without reason, as an accomplished warrior and priest he has found much success on and off the field of battle.

On-Going Story

During his time as the soothsayer and healer of Castle Inverness his martial spirit never left his body. He would still play rough and tumble games, practice his wrestling and grappling and occasionally had the opportunity to read on manuals of the martial persuasion. Yet after 13 years of being cloistered, studying the mysteries of the divine, his heart finally heeded the call of adventure. Leaving in the dead of a summer's night 1613, never to look back upon his monastery, castle or family. Soon out in the highlands he joined in with the mercenary company "The Black Guard" and proved himself a capable warrior and was given the rank of lieutenant. As a officer he commanded an elite squad to patrol the highlands for bandits, highwaymen, keeping the local lords in check to the people and keeping watch for any invading forces. He lived this life for 3 years but could not call his companions true friends nor trusted allies. In the autumn of 1616 Leo resigned his commission to seek his fortune on his own. While traveling in Edinburgh he met a young woman, Kat "Spoonbreaker". Quickly they became friends and she brought him into the fold of "The Freebooters" or The Free-Men of the Seas. Upon showing his talents and experience to the crew he was granted the position of 2nd Lieutenant under Captain Kenneric Aubrey. In the year 1617 The company was approached by The Duchess Marieke van de Dal. Having heard of the exploits of The Freebooters she made them an offer to sail under her banner as a Privateers. Many of The Company agreed, and some went their own way, so now there is some schism on the seas. In the autumn of 1617 Leo won the tourney of Baroness Jocelyn de Espada, of Spain and served as her court champion for a year and a day. There he met one who would eventually be his sword brother, Gerhardt Von Hohensee of Germany. While The Company was fighting at "The War of The Roses", Kat "Spoonbreaker" brought yet another intrepid dandy into The Company, a young man named Odd. Kat had brought him in specifically because he was Leo's long lost and unknown bastard son. So now The Company is becoming a family venture for him! In the Year 1618 Lord Leo was approached by the Queen to be part of her Queen's Guard during her reign in Venice in the year AS:54. Early in 1619 His application to the London School of Masters was accepted, and was he granted the rank of Free Scholar under the Tutelage of Master Lucien de Wynter; and to fight along side his sword brother Gerhardt. During this time in Venice he studied contemporary Italian Fencing of the Masters Docciolini, Giganti and Capo Ferro.

Offices & Positions

  • Kingdom Positions:
    • Queen's Guard to Fortune I
  • Shire Offices:
    • Deputy Chatelain AS 52 (July)
    • Shire Deputy Marshal of Fence AS 52 (January)
  • Marshaling:
    • Fencing MIT AS 51 (June) - Present
    • Thrown Weapons MIT AS 52 (July)
  • Guilds:
    • Apprentice of Chirurgeon's Guild AS 52
    • Herald in Training (On hiatus) AS 52
    • (Former) Journeyman of East Kingdom Soothsayer's Guild


  • VDK (Duchy Drakenklaue)
  • Free Company of the Stella Maris
  • House Serenity, associate member
  • Former member of Merchant House Griffin
  • Former member of House Deathsword (Trimaris '96-97)
    • Former affiliate member of House Arachnid (Trimaris '96)

Awards of Note

  • East Kingdom:
    • Award of Arms (AOA), Birka AS 52
    • Order of the Silver Rapier (OSR), Panteria AS 54
  • Shire of Mountain Freehold:
    • Fencing Combat Champion, Birthday Bash AS 51
  • Barony of Stonemarche:
    • Baroness' Fencing Champion AS 52
  • Household Awards
    • Free Company of the Stella Maris:
      • Distinguished Battle Award
      • Dedication of Service
      • Commitment to Education
      • Style, Garb and Persona
    • Duchy Drachenklaue

Event Staff

  • 2016:
    • April: Feast of Fools: Chirurgeon; Panteria: clean up crew / October: Birthday Bash: Chirurgeon
  • 2017:
    • July: VT Ren Faire Demo: Fencing MIT and Deputy Chatelaine
    • August: Walk in the Pines: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon;
    • September: Harper's Retreat: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Harvest Moon: Thrown Weapons MIT; Closing of the Inne at Coldwood: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon
    • October: Shire Birthday Bash: Deputy Chatelaine, Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon, Soothsayers guild meeting leader
  • 2018
    • January: Birka: Fencing MIT; Designed Plans for Birka's Fencing Lists
    • February: Mimir's Well: Deputy Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Soothsayers Guild class (Rune casting)
    • March: VT Winter VT Renaissance Faire Demo: Fencing MIT and Deputy Chatelaine
    • May: War of the Roses Fencing MIT
    • June: Northern Reach War Camp: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Vermont Renaissance Faire Demo: Fencing MIT
    • July: Panthervale Demo day: Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Great Northeastern War: Chirurgeon, Retainer for Prince Wilhelm
    • August: Pennsic 47: BY the Book Fencing tourney MIT; Birthday bash: Deputy Chatelaine, Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon
    • September: Harper's: Fencing MIT, Taught fencing 101 class, retained for Baroness Jocelyn & Service to event staff
    • November: Carnage-Con Demo; North Country Regional Fencing Practice Organizer, Chirurgeon, MIT & taught classes on Fencing Basics and Melee Line Communication.
    • December: Kings & Queen's Fencing Championships- Retainer for Princess Fortune
  • 2019:
    • January: Shire Yule- Deputy Chatelaine; Birka- Fencing MIT, Retainer for their Highness's
    • March: Mimir's Well - Deputy Chatelaine; Central Region Spring Rapier Practice - Fencing MIT;
    • April: Coronation of Ozzur & Fortune - Parking attendant, Queen's Guard, Retainer for Baroness Deirdre Planchett, Retainer for their Majesties; Feast of Fools - Deputy Chatelaine, Chirurgeon, Fencing MIT; Balfar's - Queen's Guard
    • May: Chauvency's Challenge at IDD - Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon, Organizer and instructor of "War Schola"; Retainer for King Ozzur and Princess Margarita De' Siena; Panteria - Queen's Guard, Fencing MIT
    • June: SRWC - Queens Guard, Chirurgeon; Opening of the Inne at Coldwood - Fencing MIT, Chirurgeon; Beltaines -
    • July: Great Northern Thyng -  ; Great Northeastern War -



  • Feb: Intro to Rune Casting @ Mimir's Well
  • Sept: Fencing 101 @ Harper's Retreat
  • Nov: Fencing 101, Melee communication @ North Country Regional Rapier Practice


  • Jan-Feb: NCDA Fencing Film review Class & NCDA Single to Case 4 week progression class (single, stick, dagger & case)
  • March: NCDA Mixed Weapons fencing class
  • May: War Schola @ Chauvency's Challenge

SCA Information

  • Protoge to Duchess Marieke van de Dal
  • Fencing Information:
    • Cadet to Master Lucien de Wyntere
      • Authorizations: Heavy Rapier: All / Cut & Thrust: All / Light Rapier: All
      • Forms and Master's studying: Late 16th & early 17th C European
        • 16th C: Agrippa, Di Grassi, Meyer, Fabris, Silver, Saviolo
        • 17th C: Docciolini, Giganti, Capo Ferro
      • Created "North Country Defense Academy" Facebook group to encourage cross-pollination of the various local and regional art of defense groups.
  • Heavy List
    • Man-At-Arms to Durkin MacWard (OTC)
    • Former Man-at-Arms to Lord William of House Deathsword; Shire of Trysel, Trimaris 1997
    • Authorizations: Sword & Shield, 2 sword
      • Former Auth's: Great Weapon, Spear, Polearm
    • Styles: I33 (Sword and Buckler), Fiore, Meyer
  • Guilds:
    • Chirurgeon's Guild: Apprentice
      • Professional Level Adult, Child, Infant: CPR, First Aid, AED certified
      • Wilderness First Aid certified
    • Soothsayer's Guild: (Formerly Journeyman status)
      • Mastery: Elder Futhark Runes, Dowsing
      • Proficient: Tarot, astrology, palmistry, dream analysis (Jungian), aura reading, numerology

In Case of Court

In case of court please contact the following in order:

  • Duchess Marieke Van de Dal (Christina Krupp), my Pelican
  • Master Lucien de Wyntere (Jonathan Sholes), My MOD
  • Kenneric Aubrey (Nathaniel Kellogg), Captain of The Free Company
  • Duracain MacWard (Jeremiah Haskell), head of my VDK household
    • If none are available please contact me directly

Would LOVE a scroll by any of these fine Scadians: Camille Desjardins, Natalia Hurd (my Grand-Mod), Lisa Cotton, Nathanial Kellogg, David Poirier, Keziah Planchete, Christiana Crane

  • If Medallions are to be presented, I would prefer Combat Medallions
  • ICOP: N/A at this time. An icop letter will be on file later in my sca career.


Lord Leo MacCullan's Blog:

North Country Defense Academys Facebook group:

Fencing Videos: