Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya

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Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya
Resides: Canton of Broken Bridge
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Gules, a winged ounce rampant contourny, head to sinister, argent incensed and a base rayonny Or
Award & Office Badges


Sayyida Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya is a bard who specializes in period vocal and theatrical performance. She is most known for her performances of 13th-15th century Ladino songs. Laila teaches classes on vocal performance, Classical Arabic Music, late Renaissance English theatre, and the historical role of courtesans in the performing arts. Laila is the head of the House of the Lotus, a 16th century Safavid Persian house of courtesans. She is also a member of the East Kingdom College of Performers, the Keepers of Athena's Thimble, The Velvet Mask, and Clan Blue Feather.

Sayyida Laila has been in the SCA since 1993, almost all of that time spent in Caid (Barony of the Western Seas, Barony of Angels, and Barony of Lyondemere). She has recently moved to the East Kingdom, and expects the move to be permanent. She is in a relationship with The Honorable Lady Ajir Tsagaan and Jibril al-Ghazal.

Sayyida Laila al-Sanna' al-Andalusiyya is the former Bard of Caid, and a member of the Order of the Troubador, and the Order of the Harp Argent (Caid). She was formerly known as Elizaveta Arievna Lebedeva.


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Offices & Positions

  • LyonBard (Baronial Bardic Champion), Barony of Lyondemere, Caid, 2004-2005
  • Arts & Sciences Officer, Barony of Lyondemere, Caid, 2005-2006
  • Bard of Caid, Caid, January 2007 to January 2008

Event Staff

  • Class Instructor, Harper's Retreat, August 2002
  • Class Instructor, 100s of events in Caid, 2003-2008
  • Class Instructor, Hunter's Moon, 08/31/2018 to 09/03/2018
  • Class Instructor, The Feast of John Barleycorn, 09/07/2018 to 09/09/2018

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