Konrad and Brenwen

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King: Konrad von Ulm
Queen: Brenwen the Faire
East Kingdom Crown #: 81
Preceded by: Andreas III and Gabriella
Succeeded by: Darius IV and Alethea


  • Established the Order of the Silver Rapier: given for martial skill upon the rapier field. Established August 2, A.S. 43.
  • King and Queen for Pennsic 37 (2008). Mid 37, East 0. Note: After the allies had declared their allegiances at Pennsic 37 Opening Ceremonies, Konrad ceded all 37 war points to the Midrealm. He wished to challenge the over-politicized process of negotiating for allies and to preserve the atmosphere of fun and sportsmanship. All the battles and archery points were still held.





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