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The Known World Aviculturists Guild is the Society Wide guild for the study of companion birds (orders Psittacines, Passeriformes, and Columbiformes) in period. It was founded on 08/14/2006 by Biya Sama, then known as "Aisin-gioro Biya" in the Canton of Brokenbridge, Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom.

While the first four members of the guild all came from the East, by the end of August, 2006, the guild spread to Atenveldt, then An Tir when Lady Beatrice Fayreweather and her cockatoo Cuddles and Lady Sumayya min Yibna (in 2010, Princess Sumayya min Yibna of the Summits) and her cockatoo Alexis joined the guild.

From there, the Guild spread into other kingdoms and was in 10 kingdoms by AS 44: East, West, Middle, Atenveldt, An Tir, Atlantia, Trimaris, Calontir, and Lochac.

Guild mistress Biya has the distinction of being not only the first SCAdian to study aviculture formally, but also the first in Society to receive arms specifically for aviculture on 10/20/2007 by Andreas and Gabriella at Warrior's Naadam I.

Founding member Sumayya min Yibna has served in 2010 as Her Alpine Highness as Princess of the Principality of the Summits in An Tir.