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Kiryk hails from a village in Stonemarche which borders Panther Vale, and joined the SCA after finding them at a faire in Mountain Freehold in 2018.

Kiryk's name is at this time pronounced "Keer-yook" (pending learning proper Polish pronunciations) , but he will also accept "Keer-yick", "Keer-ick", "Kure-ick", "Kure-ig" or "Ko-feh-fay."


Born in Krakow, Poland, Kiryk fled Krakow in order to escape judgement for hitting a corrupt guard with a shiny shovel. He escaped on the Vistula river using a boat with a broken sail (paddling using said shovel). He wandered Europe for a time before joining up with a company of Landsknecht, who taught him the use of the Zweihander. Kiryk fought with the Landsknecht for several years before deciding to start wandering the world, occasionally taking mercenary work in order to avoid destitution.

Kiryk commonly travels while wearing a set of Hussar wings, despite not being a Hussar or even having significant riding experience. Whether this is in reverence to or as a mockery of his homeland depends on his mood and degree of sobriety.

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