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Kiryk hails from a village in Stonemarche which borders Panther Vale, and joined the SCA after finding them at a faire in Mountain Freehold in 2018.

Kiryk's name is at this time pronounced "Keer-yook" (pending learning proper Polish pronunciations) , but he will also accept "Keer-yick", "Keer-ick", "Kure-ick", "Kure-ig" or "Ko-feh-fay."


Born in Krakow, Poland, on 7/21/1571, Kiryk is one of three children of family of apothecaries. Growing up, Kiryk dreamed of becoming a member of the hussars but eventually came to realize that this could not happen as a result of his common parentage. His parents instead taught him their trade. Kiryk learned quickly and soon could create everything they sold on his own, but he had difficulty interacting socially. His brothers would run the shop instead while Kiryk made the medicines.

During Kiryk's early adult years, a series of robberies began in Krakow. The bandits would find a way into the city, break into a shop, take as much of the inventory as they could then leave before Dawn with the intention of fencing the stolen items. Members of Krakow's merchant community would consistently find their stolen items in the possession of traveling merchants and were barely getting by on what was left. Rumors began circulating that one of the guards was corrupt and they would let the bandits in and out of the city in exchange for a share of the stolen goods. A group of merchants including Kiryk's father began to attempt to find evidence of proving this theory. Kiryk did not know about the investigation. He barely knew about the robberies, as he stayed in the shop for most of the day and the apothecary shop had not yet been robbed. However, one night Kiryk was out late from a night of drinking. It had been a good day at the shop and Kiryk had bought a shovel that day to take care of some chores at home.

For some reason the previous owner had chosen to polish the blade, making this a particularly shiny shovel.

While at the tavern, Kiryk happened to notice three men sitting in the corner with a large bag. Two of the men appeared to be haggling with the third. The bag was partially open, and inside Kiryk could see some of his own medicines. Having been at the shop from opening until closing, Kiryk knew that none of these men had come into the shop to purchase those items, and certainly nobody had purchased so many of them that day. There were even some bottles that had unfinished medicines in them, meaning that they clearly weren't bought properly. What was happening became clear: the family store had been robbed, and these men were trying to sell the medicines. Unfortunately for Kiryk, one of the men attempting the sale appeared to be one of the city's guards. There was practically no chance he would be listened to when the criminal was a fellow guard. Kiryk considered this, finished his drink and continued to watch.

Soon, the third man put a small bag of gold on the table; a deal had been reached.

Alcohol can be simultaneously responsible for some of the best and worst decisions in a person's life, and to this day Kiryk cannot be sure of which one occurred at this time. Filled with rage and vodka, he walked over to the table the men were haggling at and swung his shiny shovel directly into the guard's face. Kiryk, not knowing how to properly grip a weapon at this time, ended up hitting the man with the flat of the shovel, so while the guard likely had a concussion and was very much unconscious, he was still alive. The thief and the merchant, not wanting to be the next to receive the gift of shiny shovel, fled, leaving the goods as well as the gold on the table. A moment of clarity somehow managed to sneak through the vodka, and so Kiryk realized he now had a problem: to any onlooker, and likely in the guard's own words later, Kiryk just attempted to murder a guard in cold blood, followed by robbing him and two other men. There was no going back: Kiryk would either have to leave the city or soon find himself facing "justice" when the other guards find out what happened. Kiryk grabbed the bag, the gold, and his shovel, and ran home.

Nobody was awake when Kiryk made it home. Unable to spend the time it would take to wake them, explain, and prepare to leave, Kiryk hastily scribbled a note: "Guard stole these, they're after me, leaving the city." He left the note, the bag and half of the gold and fled. Word of the attack had not yet spread by the time Kiryk made it to the walls, and so he made it outside safely and without incident.

However, until this point, Kiryk had never been outside the city.

...Story still in progress.

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