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Kiryk hails from a village in Stonemarche which borders Panther Vale, and joined the SCA after finding them at a faire in Mountain Freehold in 2018.

Kiryk's name is at this time pronounced "Keer-yook" (pending learning proper Polish pronunciations) , but he will also accept "Keer-yick", "Keer-ick", "Kure-ick", "Kure-ig" or "Ko-feh-fay."


Born in Krakow, Poland, on 7/21/1571, Kiryk is one of three children of family of apothecaries. Growing up, Kiryk dreamed of becoming a member of the hussars but eventually came to realize that this could not happen as a result of his common parentage. His parents instead taught him their trade. Kiryk learned quickly and soon could create everything they sold on his own, but he had difficulty interacting socially. His brothers would run the shop instead while Kiryk made the salves... *In Progress

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