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At Feste du Nord 2014
Resides: Baronny of L'ile du Dragon Dormant
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and azure, a fox sejant between three mullets of four points argent.
Award & Office Badges

Award of Arms

Silver Wheel
ArMarshal Herald


Active depuis janvier 2007, Kirsa Oyutai a rejoint la SCA en allant à une pratique locale avec le fief du Dragonet. Quelques anneés plus tard, elle déménage sur le territoire de la Baronnie de l'Île du Dragon Dormant, où elle devient connue principalement comme archère. Son implication lui vaut d'être faite une Dame de la cour, en février 2013, ainsi que de recevoir le Chiffre du Baron au Havre des Glaces, en septembre de la même année. Au fil du temps, elle démontre talents culinaires au travers de banquets, devient maréchal de tir à l'arc, et s'investit en tant que héraut de cour et traductrice. En janvier 2016, elle reçoit l'honneur d'être faite première compagnon de l'ordre de la Roue d'Argent, à Birka.

Active since January 2007, Kirsa Oyutai joined the SCA by going to a local practice with the Shire of Le Dragonet. A few years later, she moved unto the lands of the Barony of l'Île du Dragon Dormant, where she became known mainly for being an archer. Her involvement lead to her being made a Lady of the court, in February 2013, as well as receiving the Baron's Cypher in Havre des Glaces, in September of the same year. Over time, she has shown culinary skills trough feasts, has become an archery marshal, and invests herself as a court herald and translator. In January 2016, she has had the honor to be made the premier companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel, at Birka.


I was born at the end of autumn in the year 1201, between the Renchinlkhumbe river and the Tsagaan Morit lake, in Mongolia. My mother, Biskigur, was the tribe's shaman, and my father, Tarasu, a Master Bowyer and traveling merchant. Shortly before becoming pregnant, my mother had a dream about a white fox cuddling in her arms. Later, during labor, a fox was intently waiting by her ger. She took it as a sign, and thus I was named, Kirsa, meaning steppe fox.

I had a pretty common childhood, learning to ride horses or reindeers before I could walk and shooting arrows away in endless games. I was initiated to the hunt. Because of my mother's slowly recovering health, we lived for a while with her tribe. When she got better, the decision was made to go back to Ulgii, where my father had relatives. I started traveling with him when I was 5, and also started to learn his craft. Years later, when I was 10, representatives of the Great Khan's son, Ogedei, were sent to recruit my father's skills as bowyer and soldier. We then all joined Ogedei's camp, where we moved our ger. It would be another 4 years during which I continued to hone my craft, until I was recruited as well for fighting. During the two following years, I increasingly became noticed, not only as a good archer, but as one with a clever mind.

It was in the year 1218, when I was 16, that I was asked to formally join Ogedei's household. He was notorious for nurturing talents, and liked my insatiable curiosity. Upon my positive answer, I was quickly provided with a personal Uighur teacher, along with sessions with a Persian and Chinese scholars, who taught me about the finer points of etiquette, diplomacy, and in speaking and writing many dialects. Many a late night was spent drinking airag with Ogedei, where the two of us would discuss science or philosophy topics, to mutually assess our mental sharpness.

Shortly before I started doing various diplomatic missions for Ogedei, he was designated by the Great Khan to be his successor in 1219. Our prestige grew within the ranks of the Khan's army, and we were allowed to move to a bigger and richer ger, closer to the Khan's quarters, in the newly founded capital city of Karakorum. By the year 1223, Ogedei decided to send me on a diplomatic mission, to travel on the silk road, and visit the lands of the Franks. I was ordered to take as much time as I needed to study their customs, and see about establishing any commercial trades, or even alliances that could benefit the Great Khan. After providing me with supplies, a paiza and a guide, I made my goodbyes to my parents, and headed off west, towards my new destiny...

Offices & Positions

  • Archery Marshal, Ile du Dragon Dormant, 09/04/2012 to now

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