King's and Queen's Equestrian Champions

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Equestrian Champions of the East Kingdom: Each year, a competition is held, open to all equestrians with martial authorizations, to choose the King’s and Queen’s Champion of Horse. The previous year’s Champions choose the general format of the competition, with final approval by the Kingdom Marshal of Horse. If possible, the previous year's champions run the Tournament.

If in attendance at the event, the reigning Queen chooses her Champion from among the competitors. If she is not, she may designate someone to choose her Champion, or the position may be won by score alone. The King’s Champion is chosen as the winner by score of the tournament. If the Queen chooses her Champion by score, the royalty may choose between the first and second in the tourney for their champions.


Lineage of Champions

King's Champion Queen's Champion Year
Julian le Scot Cailean MacKenzie May 28, 1998
Madeline Olafsdottir, on Luke Ellen du Grandchamp on Scorchy Step May 30, 1999
Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon, on (rental horse) Eleanor fitzPatrick, on Wolf May 27, 2000
Elaine de Caer Llynnedd, on Amigo Julian le Scot, on Gaelen May 27, 2001
Martin Quicksilver Duncan Kerr, on Junior May 26, 2002
Eleanor fitzPatrick, on Leaps and Bounds Ankara lig Nikki, on Merlin July 5, 2003
Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon, on Dakota Tesoro Martin Quicksilver, on Rosie July 3, 2004
Duncan Kerr, on Merlin Randal of the Dark, on Rosie June 11, 2005
Kiena Stewart, on Brady Katherine Stanhope, on Rosie June 10, 2006
Alanna of Skye, on Leaps and Bounds Angus O'Niall, on Dobbyn June 9, 2007
Ellen du Grandchamp, on Summit Doucette de Verdun, on Squire Wilhelm July 5, 2008
Katherine Stanhope, on Squire Wilhelm Sylvia du Vey, on Summit July 4, 2009
Kiena Stewart, on Brady Franqueite du Grandchamp, on Summit May 30, 2010
Doucette de Verdun, on Squire Wilhelm Geoffrey FitzGalen, on Satin July 3, 2011
Sylvia du Vey, on Ginny Alanna of Skye, on Ginny June 16, 2012
Duncan Kerr, on Dakota Tesoro Lillian Stanhope, on Dakota Tesoro July 6, 2013
Doucette de Verdun, on Squire Wilhelm Julian le Scot, on Gaelen August 23, 2014
Randal of the Dark, on Gaelen Duncan Kerr, on Dakota Tesoro August 22, 2015