King's and Queen's Champions of Thrown Weapons

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Thrown weaponsChampsbadge.jpg
(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining an axe Or
Founded: August 2015


Thrown Weapons Champions of the East Kingdom.


(Fieldless) A tyger rampant azure maintaining an axe Or.


The first King's and Queen's Thrown Weapons Championship was held in August 2015, where Lord Magnus de Londres, the highest scorer in the Thrown Weapons Tournament, was named Queen’s Champion. Lord Kazimierz was named King’s Champion. [1]

Lineage of Champions

King's Champion Queen's Champion Year
Arngeir Refskegg (Kazimierz) Magnus de Londres August 2015
Magnus the Broken Matteo Genovese June 2016
Bryon De Burgh Cedric of Thanet July 2017
Þórormr Barnakarl Matteo Genovese June 2018