Kendrick del Grenewode

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Baron Kendrick del Grenewode, 3rd baron of Caer Mear in the Kingdom of Atlantia, now of Carolingia in the East Kingdom. Companion of the Golden Dolphin for service to the Barony of Caer Mear and also having served as a regional seneschal in the Kingdom of Atlantia.


Kendrick is an Englishman living in the time after the Norman conquest of England. Although Kendrick does not remember the world before the Normans, his grandfather tells stories of the great days and heroes of true England.

Kendrick was fostered and served as squire for many years before being called home at the death of his father. Kendrick did not inherit his father's estates because the land and village were seized by the church in 1179 and given to Geoffrey Plantagenet before he was made Bishop of Lincoln. But, by 1189, Geoffrey had not been ordained a priest and Pope Lucius III ordered Geoffrey to resign or be ordained.

Geoffrey was one of Henry II's illegitimate sons but Geoffrey served Henry well leading campaigns in the north supressing an uprising by Henry's legitimate sons. Kendrick served under Geoffrey's banner in that uprising and earned some renown as a thoughtful and lucky strategist. Henry II made Geoffrey Chancellor of England and Geoffrey resigned as Bishop thus releasing Kendrick's family lands and in 1190, Kendrick was made a Baron and given an additional great estate in service to the Crown. After a few years the burden of such a large holding was gratefully passed to another and Kendrick now lives on a very small and profitable holding far from his birth lands.

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  • Exchequer, Barony of Caer Mear, Kingdom of Atlantia, a long time ago!
  • Seneschal
  • Baron
  • Rattan Marshal
  • Web Minister
  • Herald
  • Regional Seneschal, Virginia
  • Chronicler, Barony of Carolingia, 11/01/2018

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