Kay Leigh Mac Whyte

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Mistress Kayleigh McWhyte, OL
Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Sable, three quill pens in pile argent and a bordure rayonny gyronny Or and gules.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Maunche Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Laurel

AoA, Queen's Honor of Distinction, Queen's Cypher (Gabriella I)
* East Kingdom Scribe

  • Captain of Archers: BBM
  • Lieutenant Archery Marshal At-Large


Kayleigh McWhyte

(Pronounced KAY-lee Mak White)

Registered As: Cellach Mac Faoitigh, OL. (Pronounced KELL-ah Mak Fwite)

  • Member of the SCA since 6-20-98 (East Kingdom)
  • (Pre-membership) Attended demos since Memorial Day weekend, 1984 (also East Kingdom)
  • Temporary resident (pre-membership) of the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, 5-20-95 to 1-4-98


English Archer, circa 1350

Titles, Honors, & Awards Held

  • Archery Marshal: June 2002 - present
  • Scribe, EK College of Scribes: May 2000 - present
  • Guildmistress / Founder: Drake University for Courtly Kingdom Scribes

(D.U.C.K.S. - aka "Duck U.) - Barony of An Dubhaigeainn Scribal Guild: June 2000 - present

  • Lieutenant Archery Marshal At-Large: May 2006 - present
  • East Kingdom King's Champion of Arts and Sciences: May 15, 2004 to May 28, 2005

  • AoA
  • Order of the Silver Feather - An Dubhaigeainn (September 2002)
  • Order of the Silver Feather - An Dubhaigeainn (July 2003)
  • Companion of the Manche
  • Companion of the Silver Crescent
  • Queen's Honor of Distinction, Jana IV
  • Order of the Laurel
  • Queen's Cypher, Gabriella I



  • House Eastwood June 1998 - September 2002
  • M.A.G.I. May 1999 - May 2003
  • House Grog August 2009 - Present
  • EK Stationers Guild


  • Archer
  • Scribe
  • Archery Marshal
  • Voice herald

Baronal Officer Positions Held

  • East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet - January 2011

Baronal Officer Positions Held

  • Company Captain of Archers (BBM) - November 2006 - present
  • Company Captain of Archers (An Dubhaigeainn) - June 2002 - June 2005

Event Staff

Archery Marshal:

  • Ran various practices in

An Dubhaigeainn from June 2002 to June 2005

  • Assisted with various practices in

Dragonship Haven (2000-2005) Beyond the Mountain (2006-2010)

  • Archery Marshal In-Charge for multiple events (2002 to Present)

A&S Competitions Organized:

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors - 12th Night, Dragonship Haven (January 2005)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors II - Field of Acorns & Pearls (June 2007)

Field ("Combat") Scribe:

  • Reign of Kelson I and Geneviere I: K&Q A&S II, K&Q Archery, Barren Sands War, Pennsic
  • Reign of Kelson II and Geneviere II: Decoronation
  • Reign of Darius III and Roxane III: Fall Crown Tourney
  • Reign of Andreas III and Gabriella I: Coronation

Voice Heraldry Support Staff:

  • EK Crown Tourney - May 2007 & October 2008; September 2009 - present
  • Court heralding: Reign of Brion II and Anna II (K&Q Archery, EK War Camp)

Misc. Activities Organized:

  • Co-Organizer, Known World Scribal Gathering, Pennsic XXXV (August 2005, Midrealm Royal Camp)
  • Known World Scribal Gathering, Pennsic XXXVI (August 2007, EK Royal Camp)


  • Lady in Waiting, Andreas III and Gabriella I (September 2007 - April 2008)
  • Lady in Waiting, Andreas IV and Gabriella II (April 2009 - September 2009)

Classes Taught

  • Drake University (Various locations in An Dubhaigeainn): Various hands-on workshops (June 2000 - present)
  • Pennsic XXXII: Gothic By Numbers
  • Flying Objects Collegium (Settmour Swamp): Target Painting 101
  • All Things Scribal (2008): Alternative Scrolls


  • Lady Anastasia Heinrich (C&I, snail husbandry)


  • Lady Raffaella Mascolo (Illumination)
  • Lady Heather Rose MacGordon (Calligraphy and Illumination, Bookbinding)

Scribal Websites

Other Affiliations

  • Apprenticed to Master Jonathan Blaecstan, OL