Karrah the Mischievous

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Pennsic 48, showing that I do sometimes wear dresses.

Photo by Janette Colquhoun

Resides: Barony Beyond the Mountain
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Device needed.jpg
Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges
Order of the White Oak Freedom of the Bridge Award of Arms Terpsichore Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent


Karrah the Mischievous (pronounced Care-uh the Mis-CHIV-əs)

Pre-1998, known as Annabelle Osita

Joined with family somewhere in the '80s (that actual information is unknown, as I was too young to remember)

Pre-1998, focused on heraldry, dancing, archery, local service Began fighting Youth Combat, Pennsic 1998

No current focus after abruptly retiring from marshaling Youth Combat in Summer 2019.

She still happily teaches weapons-making and lugs around a vehicle full of loaner gear to wherever needed.

Dabbling in other areas- Bardic, A&S, archery, thrown weapons, heraldry (very lightly for all)


Karrah has no discernible persona or particular place or time in history. Growing up in the SCA turned it into just a way of life as opposed to a persona. She is generally the same person both mundanely and in SCA context (which at times can be a detriment, admittedly).

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Projects & Publications

"Youth Fighting: How To Get Started", EK Gazette, co-authored by Lord Raven of Rusted Woodlands, 04/03/2015

In Case of Court

Please notify my sister, Kimberly ferch Cadell (Kim Deschamps on the Book of Faces). Also please send a heads up to the Baronages of BBM, Bridge, and Stonemarche.

    • If at Pennsic, please inform the Midrealm Dragon Signet, Sorcha Fraser (majority of my campmates are from out of Kingdom, but would want to be present- or at least have the chance to make the choice to attend or not)

Ethereal Court

Anything below a Writ is fine for Ethereal Court.